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scientific study of mental process and behavior
origin of psychology
charles darwin
making ur own system by borrowing from other systems
an approach that views behavior as strongly influences by psychological functions
a system that views the individual as the product of unconscious forces
views behavior as strongly influenced by the rules and expectations of specific social groups or cultures
Research vs. applied-
research study the origin, cause, or results of certain behaviors. Applied make direct use of the findings of research and deal directly with clients
scientific psychology
BF Skinner
a medicine that has no active ingredients and works by the power of suggestion
double blind study- a study during which neither participants nor researcher know which group any subject belongs
the factor that the experimenter manipulates or changes in a study
dependent variable
the factor in a study that changes or varies as a result of changes in the independent variable
experimental group
the group on which the critical part if the experiment is performed
control group
the group that does not participate in the critical part of the experiment
field experiments
research that takes place outside the lab
a method of research involves asking subjects questions about their feelings, opinions, or behavior patterns
a group that represents a larger group
naturalistic observation
- a research methods that involves studying subjects without their being aware that they’re being watched
that involves studying people face to face and asking question
case study
research that collects lengthy detailed information about a person background usually for psychological treatment
psychological tests
objective methods for observation and measurement of subjects in various areas such as intelligence
studies that same group of people over an extended period of time