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collection of people who have direct interactions over an extended period of time, and share some common fate(revision group, band)
collection of people engaging in a common activity but have little interaction with each other (people taking GER)
Optimal Distinctiveness Theory
people satisfy 2 competing motives through group membership; belongingness and distinctiveness
social identity theory
people derive benifits to self esteem by virtue of their group memberships whether the memberships are meaningful or not
social facilitation
tendency for people to do better on easy tasks and worse on hard tasts when they are in the presence of others
social loafing
others do not create arousal which helps hard tasks, but hurts easy ones when in presence of others but individual performance not shown (group project)
being a member of a group can effect not only behavior but also thought processes and judgements. maintainging group solidarity and cohesiveness in a group influences decision making processes (a lot of times for the worse)
loss of a persons sence of individuality. groups create atmosphere where this is likely. a lot of times this leads to devient behaviors which would not of happened if the person was alone