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Psychoactive Drugs
chemicals that change perceptions and moods.
(caffiene, nicotine, and alcohol)
Neuroadaptation occurs; The deminishing effect with regular use of the same drug; Larger and larger doses are required to experience the drugs effects.
Bodys response to the drugs absence indicating either a physical or psychological dependance.
Physical Dependance
Physiological need for a drug; Physical pain and intense cravings resulting from the withdrawal of a drug.
Psychological Dependance
*stress relieving drugs*
Psychological need to use a drug, such as to relieve negative emotions.
Craving for a substance
false myths about addictions
1.Addictive drugs quickly corrupt.(Morphine leads to heroin abuse)
2.Addictions cant be overcome voluntarily; therapy is a must.
3 Catagories of Psychoactive Drugs:
Depressants, Stimulants, and hallucinogens.
Alchohol, Barbiturates(tranquilizers), and Opiates;
Calm Neural activity and slow body functions.
Mimic the effect of Alchohol; Depress the activity of the central nervous system; reducing anxiety but impairing memory and judgement.
"Opium" and its derivatives, morphine and heroin; depress neural functioning. Pupils constrict, breathing slows, and user becomes lethargic.
Temp. excite neural activity and arouse body functions; Speed up body functions.
*Increase heart and breathing rates, Pupils dilate, appetite diminishes(bc blood sugar increases), and energy and self confidense rise.
(Caffiene, nicotine, amphetamine(speed), cocaine, ecstasy)
Uses of stimulants
Stay awake, lose wieght, boost mood, boost athletic performance.
Distort perceptions and evoke sensory images in the absence of sensory input.
(Marijuana, lSD, MDMA(X))
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Powerful hallucinogenic drug.