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What are the categories of mood disorder?
Depressive, Bipolar, Adjustment w/depressed mood, due to medical condition, substance induced
Difference btwn Bipolar I and II
Bipolar II is MDD + hypomania
How long does a manic episode need to last?
at least 1 wk
How long do chronic depressive sxs last to define dysthymic d/o?
How is hypomania different from mania?
no fxnl impairment, only needs to last for 4 days
Minimum time for a mixed episode (mania/depression)?
7 days
Which mood disorder has the greatest degree of genetic predisposition?
What sleep changes are noted in Major depressive d/o?
decreased REM latency, decreased total sleep, decreased stage III and IV sleep
How long do you put someone on antidepressants if they have had 2 episodes?
5 yrs
How long do you put someone on antidepressants if they have had 3 episodes?
Brain regions ass w/ positive sx of schizo?
temporolimbic (too much DA)
Brain regions ass w/ negative sx of schizo?
frontal (too little DA)
What is schizophreniform disorder?
schizophrenic sxs for less than 6 months
What is schizoaffective d/o?
schizo + affective d/o (psychosis alone sometimes)
What does ADHD predispose you to?
adult inattention, substance abuse
What are the features of ADHD?
academic and social difficulties w/ symptoms in 2 settings
What are the pathologic findings in ADHD?
decreased brain volume, decreased caudate size, decreased activation of pre-frontal cortex (abnormal DA and NE pathways), decreased EEG activity
Comorbidities in kids w/ADHD?
opposition defiant disorder, BP, conduct d/o, tic d/o (stimulants may worsen) MDD, anxiety
stiumlant, NE reuptake inhibitor
What drugs are useful for hyperactivity?
alpha agonists (clonidine, guanfacine)
Which drugs are used for attentional sxs?
stimulant (amph and non), and antidepressants
What are necessary features of anorexia?
body dysmorphic, afraid of wt gain, loss of at least 3 menstrual cycles, refuses to maintain nrm wt
How is bulimia different from binge/purge anorexia/
lack of control in bulimia, need restrictive behavior for anorexia, need wt loss for anorexia
Time frame for bulimia dx?
at leas twice/wk for 3 months
What is the female athlete triad?
eating d/o, osteopenia, amenorrhea
What is anorexia tardive?
onset >25 years old, particularly malignant
Primary cause of death in anorexia?
arrhythmia and suicide
Pharma tx for bulimia?
fluoxetine (really all SSRIs)
Why is Li especially dangerous for use in eating d/o?
fluctuating body wt puts you at risk b/c Li has narrow tx index
When do bulimics need to be hospitalized?
hemodynamically unstable, vomiting blood, high dose laxatives, other psych conditions
What brain structure mediates panic?
locus ceruleus (NE and serotonin)
What brain structure mediates anxiety?
Limbic system (GABA and serotonin)