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What is insight therapy?
"Talk therapy" where clients engage in complex, often lengthy verbal interactions with their therapists. Provides increased insight regarding the nature of the client's difficulties and to sort through possible solutions.
What is behavior therapy?
Based on the principles of learning. Therapists make direct efforts to alter problematic responses and maladaptive habits.
What is biomedical therapy?
Drug therapy and shock therapy
Over ______ of the people who do have mental disorders do not receive professional treatment.
What is the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists?
Psychiatrists can prescribe drugs
What is the goal of psychoanalysis?
to recover unconscious conflicts, motives, and defenses through techniques such as free association and transference.
What are the techniques of psychoanalysis?
probing the unconscious, interpretation.
If a client experiences a recovery after treatment in insight therapies, why can't it automatically be assumed that the recovery was attributable to teh treatment?
because of spontaneos remission.
What is an example of aversion therapy?
alcoholocs may be given an emetic drug (one that causes nausea and vomiting) in conjunction with their favorite drinks during therapy sessions.
When is social skills training useful?
When a client's social skills are not developed, or when a person has social anxiety.