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Free nerve ending
a dendrite of somatosensory neurons
Pacinian corpuscle
A specialized somatosensory nerve ending that detects mechanical stimuli, especially vibrations
big green thing
Two-point discrimination threshold
The minimum distance between the touch applied to two points on the skin that can be detected as separate stimuli
Phantom limb
Sensations that appear to originate in a limb that has been amputated
Muscle spindles
a muscle fiber that functions as a stretch receptor; arranged parallel to the muscle fibers responsible for contraction of the muscle, it detects muscle length
Vestibular apparatus
The receptor organs of the inner ear that contribute to the balance and perception of head movement (the whole big thing)
Semicircular canals
One of a set of three organs in the inner ear that respond to rotational movements of the head
Vestibular sacs
One of a set of two receptor organs in each inner ear that detect changes in the tilt of the head