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the primary measure of the frequency of vibration of sound waves; cycles per second
A snail shaped chamber set in bone in the inner-ear, where the auditory receptor cells are found and transduction takes place
The three bones of the middle ear (the hammer, anvil, and stirrup) that transmit acoustical vibrations from the eardrum to the membrane behind the oval window of the cochlea.
Oval window
An opening in the bone surrounding the cochlea. The stirrup presses against window of the cochlea.
Basilar membrane
One of two membranes that divide the cochlea of the inner ear into three compartments. The auditory receptor cells based in the membrane respond to its movements.
Round window
an opening in the bone surrounding the cochlea. Movements of the membrane behind
Auditory hair cells
The sensory neuron of the auditory system; located on the basilar membrane
A hair like appendage of a cell; involved in transducing the mechanical energy of sound waves. found on the sensory receptors in the auditory and vestibular systems.
Tectorial membrane
a membrane located above the basilar membrane; serves as a shelf against the cilia of the auditory hair cells move.
a components of a complex tone; one of a series of tones whose frequencies are multiples of the fundamental frequency.
In music theory, also known as an overtone.
Fundamental frequency
The lowest, and usually the most intense, frequency of a complex sound; most often perceived as sounds most basic pitch
a perceptual dimension of sound determined by its complexity; representable by a mathematical analysis of the sound wave