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the system that relays messages in form of electrochemical impulses throughout the body is called ______.
the nervous system
the system which consists of a number of glands which secrete chemicals into the bloodstream is called ___.
the endocrine system
what transmits electrical information, transmits chemical information, and communicates through neurotransmitters
a neuron
the short fibers which extend from the neuron allowing it to receive messages from other neurons are ______.
neurons that have a myelin sheath are
if the dendrite is the "input" structure of the neuron, the output strugture is the
for a period of .001 second after firing, a neuron cannot fire again. this period is called the
absolute refractory period
the period in which the neuron begins to pump sodium ions out of the cell and can only fire if the incoming message is extremely powerful is called the
relative refractory period
which of the following perform most of the work of the nervous system
the neurotrasmitter that excites other neurons
a schizophreic is mostly likely to have a problem with which of the neurotransmitters?
what would most likely happen if something prevented the release of acetylcholine
a person, after drinking several cups of strong coffee, develops coffee nerves, or jitters. this probably is due to
the ability of caffeine to inhibit enzymes which break down excitory neurotransmistters
Despite its dangers, a young man continues to take cocaine ebcause of the feelings of euphoria it produces for him. this powerful arousal of his nervous system is probably due to cocaine's ability to ____
prevent neurotransmitters from being reabsorbed into the synaptic vesicles
the cerebellum does what?
corrdinates actions so that movements are efficient
the hippocampus is involved with
putting memories into permanent storage
What part of the brain allows humans to use language?
The part of the brain which interprets visual information is the ___
occipital lobe
the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the cerebal cortex is the ___
corpus callosum
the part of the brain that receives sensations of touch, balance, and bodily position is the ____
parietal lobe
the peripheral nervous system consists of the ____ and the ____ nervous system
somatic; autonatic
the autonomic nervous system has two divisons:
sympathetic and parasympathetic
The two hormones which keep the blood-sugar level properly balanced are ____
insulin and glucaon
What part of the brain cuold be compared to a switchboard receiving calls from all over the country and tehen direcing the paths of these incoming calls?
LSD reduces the activity of ____, causing an increase in neural impulses in the brain that leads to hallucinations.