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specific traits used by nurses •Positive regard
Acceptance of and respect for a pt
specific traits used by nurses •Empathy:
Projecting sensitivity and understanding of another’s feeling and communicating the understanding in a way that the pt comprehends
specific traits used by nurses •Trustworthiness:
Being responsible and dependable. Adhere to commitments, keep promises, and be consistent in your approach and response to pts
specific traits used by nurses •Clarity:
Select consise words when speaking, and ask questions to clarify meaning. Speak at a level the pts will understand.
specific traits used by nurses •Responsibility:
being accountable for the outcome of one’s professional interactions. Ensure that all messages are received and interpreted correctly. The use of I statements.
specific traits used by nurses •Assertiveness:
The ability to express thoughts and feeling comfortably and confidently in a positive, honest, and open manner that demonstrates respect for self while respecting others.
specific traits used by nurses Active listening:
Openness, honesty, and sincerity.
specific traits used by nurses •ABC of communication
Active listening, being able to acknowledge feelings, offer self