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piagets stage 1
Sensorimotor (0-about 2 yrs)

Learn through sensory and motor experience

Learn cause and effect
Learn stranger anxiety
Learn object permanence
piagets stage 2
Preoperational (2-6 yrs)

No logical reasoning or operations yet.
Operations are reversible actions a child performs on the environment in order to learn.

Accelerated use of symbols and language
Phenomenism (appearance = reality)
Begin dev. of Theory of Mind
they understand pretend play
piagets stage 3
Concrete 0perational (7-11 yrs)

CAN perform concrete operations and reason about concrete events.
Reason about things that are experienced based.

Acquire conservation
Learn mathematical operations
Develop personal identity vs. other
piagets stage 4
Formal 0perational (12 yrs+)

CAN perform mental operations and reason abstractly.
They can reason about the possible as well as the real.

Abstract reasoning
Can compare and classify ideas
Can imagine the hypothetical
Can search for answers to problems
Potential for mature moral reasoning.
kohlbergs moral stage 1
preconventional morality

Individual obeys rules in order to avoid punishment.
Individual conforms to society's rules in order to receive rewards.
kohls moral stage 2
conventional morality

individual behaves morally in order to gain approval from other people.
conformity to authority to avoid censure and guilt.
kohles moral stage 3
postconventional morality

Individual is concerned with individual rights and democratically decided laws.
Individual is entirely guided by his or her own conscience.