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Production of meaning equals this. All forms of this are attempts to transmit meaning from one person or group to another person or group.
What are the two type of communication?
Face-to-face and mediated
What are two types of mediated communication?
Print and Electronic
What are the three types of Electronic communication?
Audio- radio and recorded music
Visual- Film, television
Hybrid- internet
What is a benefit of face-to-face communication?
It provides an opportunity for feedback from the audience.
This is a model when messages are constructed by media producers and interpreted by audiences.
Encoding-decoding model
Result of the encoding-decoding model when the communicator has a greater potential effect on the attitudes and behavior of the audience than vice versa.
Power imbalance
The primary goal of the mass media is not communication....What is it?
Theory when technology has effects on the thoughts and behaviors of the audience, independent of content....
Medium Theory
What are the three stages of the history of communication?
1. Oral (face-to-face)
2. Print
3. Electronic