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What is the sequence of firing between the 4 major regions of the hippocampus?
Entorhinal cortex > Dentate Gyrus > CA3 > CA1
Can LTP can be associative (as in classical conditioning)?
LTP can be associative (as in classical conditioning) in which the close pairing in time of a weak and strong stimulus elicits a response via both the weak and strong synapses. Weak stimuli, when paired with strong stimuli, gain strength in causing the post-synaptic neuron to fire. Think of a conditioned eyeblink response. A previously neutral stimulus comes to elicit a response based on past experience (being paired in time with a strong stimulus).
Where is FIELD CA1 and how does it ouput?
Part of the hippocampus, output via fornix
What is an NMDA receptor?
A glutamate receptor that controls a calcium channel that is normally blocked by Mg++ ions.
What has to happen for Calcium to enter the post-synaptic cell?
GLU must be bound to the NMDA receptor AND Mg++ must be out of the channel.
What has to happen for the magnesium that is blocking the calcium channel to open?
The post-syn neuron must depolarize.
Calcium entry thru the NMDA receptor is ____ and _____ dependant?
n.t., and voltage
What does calcium entry mean in terms of its long term effects?
-more/better functioning of AMPA receptors (CaM-KII is released, no longer needs calcium)
-Dendritic branching
-feedback to pre-synaptic neuron (nitric oxide sythase, enzyme)
What does CaM-KII do in terms of LTP?
Once phophorylation takes place, CaM-KII stays active and no longer needs calcium. CaM-KII is essential for new AMPA receptors to be put in place at posy-syn. membrand
- improves conductance of existing channels
-overall more AMPA receptors means it is easier to depolarize the post-syn neuron.
What is classical conditioning?
Learning an association between stimuli such that a response developes to a previosly neutral stimulus.
If a post-synaptic neuron was simultaneiously fired upon by a strong & weak input, the LTP changes should feedback to both inputs making both ___ ?
What are two possibilities for the occurance of LTD (long-term depression)?
-Input was particularly weak
- input happened when post-syn. neuron was hyperpolarized
Ultimately LTD (long-term depression) results in?
-Decreased AMPA receptors
-Decreased GLU output from pre
LTP in basal ganglia is important for what kind of learning?
instrumental conditioning
LTP in amygdala is important for what kind of learning?
classical conditioning