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physiological psychology is the study of...
biological basis of human behavior, thoughts and emotions.
developmental psychology is the study of..
all aspects of growth and change.
in a controllwed experiment the group subjected to a change in the independent variable is called the...
experimental group.
humanistic psychologist that is helping a client overcome psychological problems would
help the client discover an inner sense of identity by focusing on self improvement, altered states of consciousness and non verbal experience.
James argued that consciousness....
flows in a continuous stream.
Watson felt that psychologists should study...
observable behavior
when psychologists pick a select group
correlational method
used to indentify relationships between variable
Graduated from Watson... fear of rabbits
Mary Cover Jones
Cognitive Psychologists are concerned with the scientific study of...
mental processes
Free Association
Watson argued that an infant is..
Tabula Rasa (blank state)
Gestalt psychology has made important contribution to the study of....
motivation and emotions
Social Psychologists deal with....
Watson made a school of..
Case study is
reasearcher divides participants into two groups giving one group a powerful medicine while other group gets a placebo
neurons are
the smallest unit of nervous system. underlies the activity of entire nervous system.
plasticity is
the ability to adapt to new conditions
Neurons that receive information from sensory organs and relay that information to the spinal cod and brain
Afferont Neurons
Neuron is polarized..
it cannot fire.
all or none law
refers to a neuron fires at full strength or not at all
people with parkinsons or schizophrenia have a problem with which neurtransmitter?
morphine and other opiates are able to bind to the receptor sites for
eating, drinking, sexual behavior,sleeping and temperature control are regulated by the
Outer covering of the brain
Cerebral Cortex
structure that connects two hemispheres of brain and coordinates
corpus callosum
part of the brain that helps regulate hearing, balance and equillibrium, certain emotions and motivation, and recognizing faces is
temporal lobe
sends signal "alert" to higher centers of the brain in response to incoming messages is...
reticular formation
the _____ hemisphere is dominant in language tasks
the ______ hemisphere of cerebral cortex is usually dominant in spatial tasks.
limbic system is responsible for...
controlling learning and emotional behavior.
coordinates and integrates behavior by secreting chemicals into the bloodstream
endoctrine system
human genome project
identify chromosomes and determine which genes influence human characteristics
damage cerebellum causes
severe problems in movement.
overactive thyroid
difficulty focusing on tasks and reduced concentration
this gland is connected to the hypothalmus it influences blood pressure, thirst, sexual behavior, body growth and other functions
pituitary gland
specialized cell that responds to a particular form of energy
receptor cell
something occurs below our level of awareness
doctrine of specific nerve energies
a person hit in the eye and sees stars
subliminal messages have no--
significant effects on behavior
contains receptors cells responsible for vision
in the dark the______ is almost useless
Sharpest sense of smell
women age 20-40
enter a bright room eyes work this way....
cornea, pupil, lens, retina
sensitivity to monosodium glutamate
information from the kinesthetic senses travel mainly to the ______lobe
parietal lobe
how long does it take for your cones to adjust to the dark
30 minutes
information from skins nerve receptors go to the ______ of the brain
parital lobe
Humans.... secrete and
detect pheromones
motion sickness appears to be related to
both race and genetics
perceptions takes place in the....
the existance of after images in complementary colors best suppors the _______ process theory of color vision
Hering Opponent
awareness of various mental processes such as making decisions, daydreaming, reflecting and concentrating is
altered state of consciousness that occurs without deliberate effort
chemical that triggers sleepiness
the human biological clock is governed by a cluster of cells known as
suprachiasmatic nucleus
hormone that peaks during the night and promotes sleep is
irregular low voltage brain waves produced during relaxed wakefullness or the twilight stage between waking and sleeping are called the _________ waves
slepp depravation is linked to
night terrors occur in ________ sleep
associated with depression, sexual dysfunction, difficulty concentrating, headaches in adults, hyper activity, conduct disorder, and aggressiveness among children and adolescents....
According to Freud, the visible or directly observable content of a dream is its ________ content
during dreams the __________ system is wildly active while the forebrain remains relatively inactive
limbic system