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Freud's theory: Motivation, defense mechanism, and stages of psychosexual development
Primary motivation - unconscious
Repression - dm
5 stages: Anal, oral, phallic, latency, genital
Neo Freudians
Carl Jung
Alfred Adler
Karen Horney
Banduras cognitive approach
congitions, behaviors and traits are influence by each other
Internal vs external
Internal - people determine their own sucess.Leads to academic success
External - just luck
Humanist vs. psychoanalytic
Humanist - people are generally good and responisble.
Psychoanalytical - people are selfish
Cattel's 16 PF
Idea that they can tell through factor and analysis can predict a person's behavior.
Measurement of the BIG 5
NEO personality inventory
Collectivists vs individualistic cultures
Japan and native americans - collectivists
Americans individualists
Personality assesment methods
Observation, interviews, rating scales
Personality inventories MMIP
Projective tests - Ink blots
Most widely used personality test
Most commonly used projective test
Roschach ink blot
Influence on heredity on personality
Don't inherit not determine by heredity
Adoptive childrens personality is more like biological parents
Psychological disorders (5)
Psychodynamic/ Biological approach/ Learning approach/ cognitive approach/ biopsychosocial
Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety - terror heart pounds
OCD - obsessions complusions
Phobias - fear of clowns
Specific phobias - anything but agoraphobia and social
Mood disorders
Psychotic depression - so deep they might experience delusions
Mania - opposite of depression
Van Gogh's assumed diagnosis
Clues given in suicide
Yes 90% of the time
Positive & Negative sypmtoms of schizo
P - Hallucinations
N - lack of emtional response limited speech
Types of Schizo
Paranoid - suspiciousness and delusions
Catatonic - wavy flexibilty
Disorganized - bizzare child like
Undiffereentiated - no clear sign of fitting,
Somatoform disorders
hypochondriac = think your sick all the time
Conversion - bizzare symptoms
Personality disorders
as long as a long standing male adaptive pattern of behavior is not a problem for them but is problematic for others around them
auditory is more common
Psychotherapy is defined
treatment of emotional behavior disorders w/ psychological rather than biological methods
Rogers person centered therapy
Person decides how therapy goes instaed of therapist
4 types of problems that interpersonal therapy can help
death of a loved one
some kind of role dispute
life transition
helping with interpersonal skills
therapy of choice for those who think abnormal behavior is learned
Behavioral therapy
Self help groups AA
Not led by a trained professional
Token economies
when they don't get a reward right away and they get a token to be cashed in for something
Time out
Remove them from their reinforcement
Flooding vs systematic
Flooding - all at once
Systematic - step by step
Beck's cognitive therapy is best for what disorder
Moderate depression
Drugs perscribed for schizophrenia
Wonder drug for bipolar disease
Modern ECT differs from the original form
Use to use the whole brain now only use right hemisphere. Known as unilateral and tests the right brain
Consumer Reports foudn regarding relationship btw length of time in therapy and patient improvement
Longer you stay in the better you get
3 types of behavior therapies
Behavior modification classical
Two major types of disorders for which antidepressants are prescribed
Depression/ Anxiety
Experimental method
Only method that can be used to identify cause and effect relationships
Spinal cord can influence behavior w/o the brains involvement
Lighting conditions in which rods or cones work best
Cones - under bright light and color
Rods - under low levels of illumination at night
How much sleep the average teenager gets
Schedules of reinforcement
Fixed ratio- reinforecement is given after a fixed number of responses

Frixed interval= reinforecement is given for the first response after a fixed time

Variable interval - reinforcement is given for the first response after a predetermined but variable interval

Variable ratio - reinforcement is givein after a predetermined and variable number of responses
Duration of STM
less than 30 seconds
Whether mental set involves considering special requirements of the problem at hand
No it does not if you didn't study all smester and just crammed that would give you enough to pass but more effieient you should keep up wiht the stuydhing all along.
Whether IQ tests are reliable
Yes they are. Question is vaildity
Baumrinds three parenting styles
Authoritarian - produced withdrawn not confident kids

Authoritative - well adjusted, confident best

Permissive - worse implusive and lace innitiative
Whether younger or elderly women are more likely to watch sexually explicit films with their parners
Elderly b/c of aging
Imbalance btw energy intake and output produces
Taking in more calories than putting out = weight gain

Taking out more than putting in - wieght loss

If imbalanced weight will change
Sexual response cycles for males and females
Same four stages for both
Type A and B personality
A - competitive hostile, in a hurry, self centered

B - relaxed and easy going
How much research support there is for the relationship btw TV violence and viewer aggresstion
Overwhelming amount, insdisputable cause and effec