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Zone of Proximal Development
Range of tasks that a child cannot complete on his own but can with assistance
assistance that allows students to complete tasks they cannot complete individually
Authoritative parenting
firm but caring. Kids have high self-esteem, are confident and secure, willing to take risks, successful in school
authoritarian parenting
stress conformity, are controlling, don't explain rules but expect them to be followed. kids are withdrawn, worry about fleasing parents more than solving problems. defiant
permissive parenting
makes few demands of children. kinds are immatrue, lack self-control, are impulsive, unmotivated
uninvolved parenting
have little interest in childs life. kinds lack self control, no long term goals. easily frustrated, disobedient
central features of Kolhberg's theory
Moral Dilemas
Eriksson's theorey revolves around...
crises, changes in motivation
how long information stays in ___ memory

Visual--1 second

hearing--4 seconds
Working memory: How many items? Lasts how long
7 items

20 seconds
Types of memory in Long Term memory
Declarative Knowledge

Procedural Knowldege
3 strategies to reduce cognitive load
Chunking ( 18 95 61 74 )
Automaticity (do over and over)
Dual Processing (have visual and auditory stimulation together)
self efficacy
learner's belief about their capacity to succeed on a specific task
4 componants of self-regulation
setting goals
monitoring goals
using strategies
self determination theory
acknowledges that not all learning is intrinsically motivated
gives great chances for long term success, but not all students reach this stage