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ability traits
Cattell's term for traits that are concerned with effectiveness in gaining the goal.
Trait Approach
A method of studying psychology that categorizes individuals in terms of traits.
Basic qualities of the person that express themselves in many contexts. Enduring characteristic or dimension of individual differences
According to Jung,individuals that tend to withdraw themselves, especially when encountering stressful emotional conflict, prefers to be alone, and tends to avoid others, and is shy.
Accordinly to Jung, individual who reacts to stress by trying to lost himself among people and social activity. Drawn to occupations that have direct people contact, such as sales, and is apt to be conventional, outgoing and sociable.
Cardinal Traits
Dispositions that influence most aspects of an individuals behavior throughout life. Believed by Allport.
Central Traits
Allport's term for traits that are less important and pervasive than cardinal traits but that still influence much of a person's behavior.
Secondary Dispositions
The most specific, defined traits or "attitudes" that influence an individual's behavior.
Common Traits
As defined by Cattell, traits that are shared in different degrees by many people.
Unique Traits
As defined by Cattell, traits that exitst in one individual and cannot be found in another in exactly the same form.
Surface Traits
Cattells Clusters of overt or manifest trait elements that seem to go together.
Source Traits
In Cattell's theory, traits that constitute personality structure and determine surface traits and behavior.
Environmental-mold traits
According to Cattell, source traits that reflect environmental conditions.
Constitutional Traits
According to Cattell, source traits that reflect constitutional traits.
Dynamic Traits
Cattell's term for traits that are relevant to the indivuals being "set into action" with respect to some goal.