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part of mind thought by Freud to seek immediate gratification
projecting emotion from one source onto people/objects unrelated to it
To what did Freud attribute personality disturbances in people?
sexual conflict
What did Alfred Adler say was the prime motivating force in life?
striving for superiority
What learning mechanism did B.F. Skinner see as the primary way by which we learn?
operant conditioning
Fancy term for confidence in one's abilities to succeed
The least deterministic approach to personality:
the humanistic approach
What did Carl Rogers believe about self-concept?
A congruent self-concept is the result of unconditional love
how accurate are heritability estimates?
in the ballpark
Characteristics of people high in self-monitoring:
are sensitive to their own presentations, are good judges of others' personalities, readily adjust self-presentation
sensation seeking
looking for excitement.
What is the objective of "The Nurture Assumption"
to demonstrate the relatively small effect of family influence
Type of test that asks subject to respond to ambiguous stimuli to reveal subjects' needs/personality traits
projective test
cause Hans Eynseck would give for various personality traits:
7 steps in Maslow's pyramid for self-actualization
physiological needs, safety/security needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, need for self-actualization