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Mary Belenky
Book: Womens ways of knowing - Voices
-Adopts Perrys model of intellectual development
-Found that women believed themselves to be voiceless & mindless-incapable of learning from authority
Sandra Bem
Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI)
-Classifies androgynous, feminine, masculine, & undifferentiated
Jean Shinoda Bolen
Book:Goddesses In Every Women
-Not just 1 whole consistent person but all of our different roles
-Internal commitee of Goddesses
-We decide who gets priority
-Jungian analyst
Corky Bush
10 Great Good Questions
-Nature vs. Nurture
-Relationship of childbearing and rearing
Nancy Chodorow
Book: Reproduction of Mothering
Josephine Donovan
Feminist Theory-Types of feminism
Betty Friedan
"Feminist Mystique"
-Founder of national organization for women (NOW)
-Video:The Way Home
Carol Gilligan
Moral Development
-Compare to Kohlberg
-Women value care & responsibility-Interdependence
-Men value justice
-Differences between women and mens moral decision making
Matina Horner
-Fear of success-Motive to avoid success
-In order to fill a gap in understanding womens achievement
-Women are anxious about being successful because of negative consequences expected for achieving success
Michelle Paludi
Book: The Psychology of Women
Ruthellen Josselson
Eriksonian Psyc
Books: Revising Herself & Finding Herself
-How we make sexual decisions is primary focus to determine our identity
Masters & Johnson
Types of orgasms--Nature of human sexuality & sexual response
-Women can have 50 orgasms per hour
Maureen Murdock
-Heroines Journey
-Seperation from feminine through several steps ending at integration of masculine & feminine
Book: The Heroines Journey
Peggy McIntosh
-White Privilege
-Male Privilege
-Privilege for white women
Susie Orbach
Book: Fat is a Feminist Issue
Mary Pipher
Reviving Ophelia
Karen Porter
Video: Perfect Little Girl
Anne Wilson Schaef
-White Male System vs. Emerging Femal System
-Addictive vs. Living Process System
-Poststructural Deconstructionism
Dale Spender
Sexism & Language
-Australian Linguist
Book: Reflecting Men
Carol Vines
Manager of womens studies center EWU
Alice Walker
Book: The Color of Purple
-Coined term "Womanist" - Womanism
-Diversity is needed in womens movement
-African American
Polly Young-Eisendrath
Development of animus(inner masculine) in women
-Animus = alien other, parnter within, androgyny