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Methodologies used throughout History
Applied Psychology
applying psychological principles to practical problems of school or work, clinics or marketing
branch of psychology
Degrees in Psychology
1. Phd
2. PsyD
Questions in psychology
I dont understand
Artificial intelligence
Branch of computer science that suggests machines can simulate intelligence of a living organism.
Social Learning
Boo Boo doll
Neural Networks
System of input, hidden, and output units that is capable of learning if the mathematical weights among the units are systematically changed
(neodarwinism) humans have a biogrammar that structures our social behavior, like the rules of grammar structure our verbal behavior.
Learning phobias, societal rules, and regulations, lang.
Found the Optic Chaism

Discovered Split Brain Preparation (Hemispheres can world separately from one another)
Lashley and Watson
Mass action and Equipotentiality
Mass action
when a Cortical tissue is destroyed so does the learning of that task. Deterioration of performance on the task is determined by the amount of tissue destroyed.
biological methods to study normal and abnormal emotional and cognitive processes like emotions, and experiences
Rogers and Therapy (18)
Organismic Valuing Processes
The innate, internal guidance system that a person can use to "stay on the track" toward self-actualization
Conditions of worth
The kid learns that in order to receive love, they must act and think in acordance with the values of the pplz in their life
Positive Regard
A problems arises because a need for positive regard.
~ Provide the major vehicle for providing meaning n life.
~ Narrative patterns that give significance to our existence.
Rollow May and Freedom
*Psychologist who bring European existential philosophy and psychology to the US*
Humanistic Psychology
Humans are basically good. Ecept if a negative environmental factor did not stifle uman development, humans would live humane lives.
Human in humanistic
1 of the 1st feminists
~Issues with Freud's work
~ Social experiences determine psychological problems
~ Regected Libido concept
~ Regected Freud's Structure of personality
Disagreed with Freud's theory
View: Causes of Mental Illness
Adler's Beliefs and Concepts
*Individual Psychology (Social Interest)*
~ Inferiority Feelings
~ Theory emphasized the conscious mind, social motives, free will
~ Influenced Humanistic Psychologists.
Jung's Beliefs and Concepts
*Opposed most of Freud's work*

~Nature of Libido
~Personal Unconscious
~Collective Unconscious
~Introversion and Extroversion
Anna Freud's Beliefs and Concepts
The ego more in child analysis

~ Kids dont recall early traumatic experiences like adults
~ Developmental Lines
~ Defense Mechanisms
Defense Mechanisms
* Protects ego from anxiety *
Examples of Defense Mechanisms
1. Denial
2. Displacement
3. Projections
4. Rationalization
5. Reaction Formation
6. Regression
7. Repression
8. Sublimation
Stages of Development
1. Oral
2. Anal
3. Phallic
4. Latency
5. Genital
Theory of Personality
Oedipus Complex
Male children have a close physical relationship with their mothers. It was natural for them to have a sexual desire for their mothers.
Love mother Hate Father
Listed Mental Illnesses
Led to DSM
Treatments for Mental Illnesses back THen
1. Excersims
2. Schock Therapy
3. Cold Water
Models of Mental Illnesses
1. Harmful Behavior
2. Unrealistic Thoughts and perceptions
3. Inappropriate emotions
4. Unpredictable behavior.
Defintions of Mental Illness
1. Lunatic
2. Mad
3. Maniac
4. Insane
Four Primary Functions of Myths
1. Sense of Identity
2. Sense of community
3. Support of moral values
4. Mysteries of creation
Horney's Parent-child relationship
1. Normal and Healthy
2. Basic Hostility
3. Basic Anxiety
Normal and Health
~ Parent consistently loves and satisfy child's needs
Basic Hostility
~Develops when parents indifferent, inconsistent, or act with hatred
Basic Anxiety
Develops when Basic hostility becomes repressed (Lonely in a harsh world)
Neurophysiological locus of memory and learning.
Heirarchy of needs
1. Self Actualization
2. Esteem Needs
3. Belonging and Love Needs
4. Safety Needs
5. Physiological Needs
Self Actualization
Human tendency toward wholeness.
Jung's Libido
Disagreed with Freud's Theory of Libido

**Its energy is a creative life force that could be applied to the individual's continuous psychological growth.
"Wide range of human endevors beyond sexual nature"
Jung's Ego
Similar to Freud's
Jung's Person Unconscious
Experiences that had either been repressed or simply forgotten
Jung's Collective Unconscious
Stongest component of the personality.

reflecting experiences of human's entire evolutionary past.
Most mystical and controversial concept
quiet and imaginative
Outgoing and sociable
Adler's Inferiority Complex
feelings that modivate people first as kids and later as adults to overcome these feelings.