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The antecedent condition manipulated is refered to as
the independent var.
List 3 ways for acheving variaton
Presence vs Absence
Amount of a varible
Type of a var.
what does the dependent var do
it measures the influence of experimental manipulation
2 ways to experimentally manipulate the I.var are
events and instructions
3 methods to reduce participant error
assess the DV outside the experimental setting

use confederates

assess behavior of significance to subject
define individual difference
trait on which people differ :
hair eye color
experimental validity
experimental reliability
exp. validity
referes to the question are the infrences made from empirical study valid?

exp. reliability
refers to consistency, stability, or repeatability of the results of an experiment
what does the split-half measure
it measure the reliability of 2 test halves
list 3 ways to insure experimental validity
statistical conclusion validity
extent we an infer that IV and DV covar. a certian increase in the IV causes a certian increase in the DV

construct validity
the extent to which we can infer high order construsts from the operations we use to represent them.

internal validity
did the IV cause the effect observed on the DV.
experimenter effects threaten which validity
construct validity
define external validity and name four threats to it
external validity
validity of the inference about whether the casual relationship holds over people settings and time