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1) Kainate receptor 2) Fenfluramine 3) PCPA
1) Ionotropic glut recep controlling Na channel stim by kainic acid. 2) Drug stim rel of 5-HT 3) Drug inhibiting trptophan hy. and interferring w/ 5-HT synthesis.
1) Atropine 2) NMDA recep 3) Caffeine
1) Drug blocking muscarinic acety. recep 2) Iontr glu recep controlling ca channel normally blocked by mg 2- 3) Drug blocking adeonosine receptors.
1) Nitric oxide 2) AP5 3) Adenosine
1) Gas produc by cells in nervous sys; used to communic btwn cells. 2) Drug blocking glu binding site on NMDA recep 3) Nucleoside; a combination of ribose and adenine; serves as a neuromod in brain.
1) Bicuculline 2)Endogen opioid 3)Benzodiazepine
1) Direct Antag for GABA binding site on GABA A recep. 2) class of peptides secreted by brain acting as opiates 3) Category of anxiolytic drugs, Indirect AGO for GABA A recep.
1) Strychine is a direct Antag for glycine recep. 2) reserpine: 3) Muscimol
2) interferes w/ storage fo monamines in syn vesicles. 3) A direct AGO for GABA binding site on GABA A recep.
1) MDMA 2) LSD 3) MAO
1) Noradrenergic and serotonergic ago; aka ecstasy; excit and halluc 2) stim 5-HT2A recep 3) Class of enzy destroying monomaines.
1) Glycine 2) Cannabinoid 3) Naloxone blocks opiate receptors. 4) Methylphenidate inhibits reuptake of dopamine.
1) Amino acid; important inhib NT in lower brain stem and sp cord. 2) Lipid; endog ligand for recep binding w/ THC
1) Muscarinic recep 2) Anandamide 3) Black widow spider venom
1) Metab acetyl recep stim by muscarine and blocked by atropine. 2) First cannabinoid to be discovered and probably most important. 3) triggers rel of acetylcholine.
1) NE 2) Fusaric acid blocks produc of norepin. 3) Allyglycine blocks synthesis of GABA
1) Catech; NT in brain and sympath division of autonomic nervous sys.
1) Botulinum toxin 2) therapeutic index: desired effect in half and toxic in half.
1) Acetylcholine antag, prevents rel by terminals.