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What is the encoding, capacity and the duration of sensory memory?
Encoding - iconic and echoic
Capacity - fraction
Duration - 0.4 seconds
What is the encoding, capacity and duration of short term memory?
Encoding - mostly acoustic
Capacity - 7+/-2 items
Duration - 15-20 seconds
What is the encoding, capacity and the duration of long term memory?
Encoding - semantic
Capacity - virtually unlimited
Duration - almost a lifetim
What are the strengths of the multi-store model of memory?
LTM and STM are distinguished
Primary and Recency Effect
What are the weaknesses of the multi-store model of memory?
Too simplistic and inflexible and doesn't explain the processes involved
What the strengths of the working memory model?
Explains ability to carry out tasks that process and store at the same time
Evidence for phonological loop and visuo-spatial scratch pad
Name a weakness of the working memory model
The most important feature is least known about (central executive)
What is a schema? How does it affect EWT?
Knowledge packages which are built up through experience of the world which enable us to make sense of familiar situations and aid interpretation of new information
What is a leading question?
A question that is worded in such a way that it may bias how a respondant answers. Use "the".
How is a cognitive interview different from a standard interview?
Recreate context of original incident
Report every detail
Recall in different orders
Change perspectives
Name three other factors that affect eyewitness testimony
Age of the witness
Role of anxiety
Misleading Information
What is elaborative rehearsal and how is a technique for memory rehearsal?
Information is made meaningful, linking to pre-existing knowledge and therefore its semantically encoded, now the information can be recalled easily because there are several routes to reach items in memory
Julie has a list of 50 words that she has to learn for a test, what memory improvement technique should she use?
Organisation - create heirachies
ESP is a memory improvement technique, what is it?
Encoding Specificity Principle - the place or the context becomes a retrieval cue, the closer you are the better the cue.
Any other techniques for memory improvement?
Mneumonics, method of loci, paying attention, and avoid interference tasks.
Research into the role of anxiety?
Yerkes-Dodson Law
Christianson and Hubinette
Yuille and Cutshall