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Henriques and Davidson found that…
…there are individual differences in EEG baseline activity
what are individual differences in EEG baseline related to?
general moods
depressed people have less ______ than non-depressed
left frontal brain activation
if the left frontal lobe is affected, a person may experience
can't experience positive emotion
if you're high on behavioral inhibition, you…
want to avoid bad things happening to you, and you spend a lot of time worrying about this
where is activated on people who are high on behavioral inhibition?
right frontal
if you're high on behavioral activation you…
seek out new goals and experiences (you're motivated)
behavioral activation is associated with
pleasant emotion
where is activated on people who are high on behavioral activation?
left frontal
Harmon-Jones studied…
anger with and without approach components
Harmon-Jones found that people in the action impossible group had more _____ activation
right frontal
Harmon-Jones found that people in the action possible group had more _____ activation
left frontal
right frontal activation is associated with..
left frontal activation is associated with..
according to James,
perception of bodily change = emotion
Arnold asked
how is bodily change initiated in the firstplact?
Arnold's path
perception -> appraisal -> emotion
a quick judgment about how something affects us positively or negatively
Lazarus studied…
…appraisal in an circumcision film
people with a denial soundtrack during the circumcision film had…
…middle SCR
people with denial soundtrack before film had…
…low SCR
people in silent control condition had…
…high SCR
Lazarus said that…
…emotions are adaptive to appraisal
primary appraisal asks…
does the situation have relevance for personal well-being?
3 parts of primary appriasal
ego relevance, ego congruence, ego involvement
ego relevance
is the situation relevant to me?
ego congruence
is the situation congruent with my desires?
ego involvement
how much does the situation matter to me?
secondary appraisal assesses
possible coping mechanisms
3 parts of secondary appraisal
credit/blame, coping potential, future expectancy
future expectancy
what will this mean for me in the future?
corrects initial appraisal outcomes
3 steps of appraisal, according to Lazarus
primary, secondary, re-appraisal
according to Lazarus, every emotion has…
…a core relational theme (a larger general meaning)
who disagrees with Lazarus?
Zajonc says emotions…
…don't necessarily require cognitions
Zajonc says that affect is…
…more basic than cognitions
Zajonc says that cognition and emotion…
…can happen independently
What effect supports Zajonc?
mere exposure effect
What did Lazarus respond about cognitions?
they can be quick, not serious
Lazarus says true emotions…
…are different than preferences