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within the subcortex is the…
…limbic system
the limbic system evolved (before/after) the brainstem
limbic system structures are related to…
Hess studied the…
…affective defense response
Hess stimulated the…
what happened when Hess stimulated the hypothalamus?
HR up, became alert/aroused, eventually became angry/aggressive
according to Hess, the affective defense response involves ___ arousal
according to Hess, ____ inhibit ____
newer structures like cortex, hypothalamus
4 symptoms of Kluver-Bucy
psychic blindness, oral tendencies, sexual and emotional changes
where is epilepsy usually centered?
in temporal lobe
according to LeDoux, you must have an ____ to learn conditioned fear
intact amygdala
you can still get fear conditioning if you lesion the _____
sensory cortex
subcortical pathway =
low road
cortical pathway =
high road
low road is
crude but fast
high road is
precise but slow
pathway of low road
sensory organ --> sensory thalamus --> amygdala
pathway of high road
sensory organ --> sensory thalamus --> sensory cortex --> amygdala
SM's brain abnormality
born without an amygdala
Adolphs et al (94) found that…
…SM couldn't recognize, generate, or draw an expression of fear
Bechara et al (95) found that
SM couldn't condition a response to the conditioned stimulus (tone)
Irwin et al (96) found that…
…the amygdala activates to aversive stimuli
fMRI and PET studies of OCD found that…
…fear-related stimuli activate the amygdala
fMRI and PET studies of college students found that…
mother's criticism activates the amygdala
amygdala activation is correlated to _______ and _______
memory and trait-related activities
Drevets et al found that
depressed people had more amygdala activation than the non-depressed
amygdala plays role in ____ and ____
emotion perception, expression
amygdala is strongly related to (3 things)
fear, negative affective states, reward
amygdala helps in…
…detecting salient stimuli
hippocampus is involved in…
…contextual fear conditioning
PTSD may involve…
…overlearning by hippocampus
L frontal region more involved in
positive emotions
R frontal region more involved in
negative emotions