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content domains
In content validity, you check the operationalization against the relevant content domain for the construct
The part of the construct that is captured by the measure
The part of the construct that is not captured by the measure
The part of the measure does not reflect the construct
Name a type of contamination
test wiseness
Which type of validity involves correlation?
Measure a variety of traits each in a variety of ways
multi-method/multi-trait matrices
What does the validity diagonal represent?
convergent validity
The standard by which the measure is being judged or evaluated
range restriction effects
When you don't vary an independent variable over a big enough range, and the effect size looks small
measurement unreliability effects
attenuates the obtained relations among variables
sources of measurement unreliability effects
response rate, differences in question wording, methods of data collection
Measurement error
A way to determine relevance that says whether something can be implemented in practice
operational validity
Operational validity is the same as
Face validity
coefficient of determination
coefficient of determination
% of the variability in one variable explained by the other variable
Pearson product moment correlation coefficient
implicit measures
Based on associations and reaction times
funnel principle
general questions first, then more specific and detailed
combines to or more issues in a single question
asks each member of a group to indicate which other members he/she would like to have as a partner in some interaction
randomized response technique
interviewer does not know what question an anser pertains to
memory telescoping
tendency to recall events as more recent than their actual dates
filter questions
intended to screen out respondents who do not have any knowledge or opinion on the issue
will answer "don't know" if provided, but if not provided will give a response
p value
item difficulty
item difficulty
% of individuals who get the item correct
item discrimination
the extent to which success on an item corresponds to success on the whole test
point-biserial correlation
correlation between responses to a particular item and scores on the total test
what does point-biserial correlation measure?
item discrimination
multidimensional scale
some items highly interrelated, but little relation between sets
unidimensional scale
all items are highly interrated
just name things, no numeric values
some things have higher values than other, but there are indeterminate intervals between these items
intervals between values are equal
true zero point
acquiescent response style
agree with everything
a Thurstone scale is an example of a
differential scale
a bipolar scale is an example of a
semantic differential scale
a Guttman scale is an example of a
cumulative scale
a Likert scale is an example of a
summated scale
checklists are examples of
summated scales
positive manifold
if you score well on one intelligence test, you score well on most
flynn effect
scores on intelligence tests are rising quickly over time
gravitation hypothesis
gravitate to jobs at level of intelligence
the big 5 is based on
the lexical hypothesis
curvilinear relationships
as you move higher along a factor's scale, a difference in this factor means less and less
random assignment of individuals assures that...
...confounding variables are equally distributed across conditions
what does maximizing internal validity do?
removes alternate explanations
average deviation (distance of scores) from mean