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Anxiety has no physical symptoms.
There are physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms associated with anxiety. eg,tension is a common symptom of anxiety
Give examples of physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms of anxiety.
Physical - increased heart rate, fatigue, upset stomach, dizziness, muscle tension, blush.

Cognitive - thoughts of being hurt, self-critical thoughts and incompetence, forgetfulness.

behavioral - avoidance, tremble, immobility, cry, scream, avoid eye contact.
Avoidance perpetuates anxiety despite temporary feelings of relief.
True, Avoidance Behaviors are also Negatively Reinforced. They are strengthened when followed by a rapid reduction in anxiety.
What is Separation Anxiety?
Include description, age of onset, comorbidity, gender differences and an example.
Excessive anxiety about being away from parents or home. Brad throws temper tantrums when separated from parents. Onset around 7-8 years, about same rate in boys and girls. Usually have good social skills.
When a person has repeated thoughts that cause anxiety and performs rituals to relieve the anxiety, he may be diagnosed with ______
Anxiety in this dx is focused on everyday situations. There is constant anticipation of disaster and an underestimation of ability to cope.
General Anxiety Disorder
What is typical age for GAD?
10-14 years old
OCD's are not aware that their behavior is irrational.
What is OCD?
Repeated thoughts cause anxiety and the person performs a compulsion to try to reduce the anxiety. Fears are excessive and irrational and focus on self-harm, contamination, and symmetry.
A sudden feeling of terror lasting 10-30 minutes including chest pain, heart palpitation and shortness of breath
Panic Attack
Fear of being in a situation you cannot escape from, usually in 18 year olds or >
Panic Attack with Agoraphobia
What age is typical onset for Panic Disorder?
15-19 years
What does the Two Factor Theory explain?
How classical and operant conditioning maintain fear.

Classical = Association
Operant = Learn to avoid
What are some features of depression in 2-5 year olds?
feeding and sleep problems
separation anxiety
What are some features of depression in 6-12 year olds?
Less interaction with peers
Sleep problems
Low self esteem and helplessness
Suicidal ideation
What are some features of depression in 12-18 year olds?
Similar to adult depression
Low self-esteem
Disrupted sleep and eat
slow down
Less pleasure in things you used to enjoy
Many kids with depression also meet criteria for ____
What factors make depression worse?
Biological/envnt connection - if your parents are depressed, you are 3x more likely to be depressed.

Emotional Regulation - poor ability to regulate emotions, hard time coping.

Social components - poor relationships with family members and peers

behavioral factors - separate yourself and get in rut

Cognitive - negative patterns of thinking
What are some cognitive treatments for depression?
Log ways of thinking:
eg. I am a bad student.

Ask person to provide examples of why that is NOT true. Challenge negative thoughts. The person may need prompting to come up with examples.
At age 15, girls are just as likely to be depressed as boys.
False, Girls are twice as likely possibly due to hormonal changes, gender roles, societal expectations
What are effective treatments for depression?
There are not good long-term studies on medication and depression.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT).

Challenge negative thoughts
Get kid involved with environment
Check context of family life, may need to treat family and individual.
What is Bipolar Disorder?
Oscillate between mania and depression. Associated with impulsivity and risky behavior.

Mania - elevated mood
Explain the mechanisms by which anxiety is aquired and maintained.
Part of anxiety is biological, a predisposition to be a certain way is inherited.

Part of Anxiety can be modeled such as specific phobias and a tendency to worry.
Jane is being shown pictures of spiders even though she has a strong phobia to them. She normally runs away but she promised to look at pictures of spiders and not run away. What is Jane being treated for?
What factors influence the expression of depression in children?
Developmental Stage
Family History
Mark is treating Nancy for depression. Nancy is depressed because her husband is always in trouble and she constantly makes mistakes at work. Mark tries to have Nancy think of examples where she does well at her job. What form of Treatment is Mark using?
CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.