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What are 3 theories of why we sleep?
1 - Our brain needs the rest b/c it is so active during the day

2 - To rejuvenate a tired body

3 - As a defense against stress. When we experience a stressful time in our life
5 stages of sleep; REM and nonrem?
1 - Nonrem - light state of sleep (brain wave acivity becomes smaller and irregular).
2 - nonrem - brain waves increase in size and slighly deeper sleep (faint noices prolly would wake)
3 - Nonrem - breathing an HR slow down and body temp decrease
4 - Nonrem - deep sleep. need to be shken to be aroused (sleepwalking occurs at this stg
5 - REM stg - paradoxical sleep 9b/c brain waves resemble that of stg 1
incr acetylcholine and decr norepi and serotonin.
HR, BP, and RR rate incr. Penis erect, clitoris enlarges
*takes 30-45 minutes to progress fr stg 1 to 4
What are 4 definitions of consciousness?
1 sensory awareness - seeing, hearing, smelling what is around us

2 Direct inner awareness - knowledge of our own thoughts and feelings w/o attention to stimuli around us

3 Having sense of self - "i think therefore I am" aware of our existance

4 Awake -
Descr Freuds distinction btwn unconscious, subconscious, and nonconscious state?
unconscious - thoughs and feelings outside of our awareness

subconscious - thoughts and feelings that we may not be thinking at any given moment but that we can bring up at any time.

nonconscious - bodily activities outside of our awareness
What are 2 thoughts on purpose of dreams?
1 - Reviewing and sorting thru all activities of the day allows us a 2cd chance to process info

2 - Freud - Dreams are symbolic of our unconscious wishes, needs, and fears
What is diff btwn Freuds idea of manifest content vs latent content of dreams?
manifest (obvious) Content - whatever we recall fr a dream

latent content - symbolic nature of the dream
ie nudity in dream may be either symbolic of shame or freedom
Name 4 types of psychoactive drugs and their effect and examples?
1 Stimulants - stimulate CNS
ie coke, nicotein, amphetamines

2 Depressants - depress CNS
ie alcohol, tranquilizers

3 opiates - relieve physical and emitional pain
ie Morphine and Heroin

4 Psychodelic - conscious altering
ie marijuana, ex
Alcohol statistics:

1 - # deaths in auto accidents?

2 - death by cirrosis

3 - FAS cases per yr

4 - binge drinking deaths by college students/day
1 - 23,000

2 - 20,000

3 - 2,000

4 - 4/d
What is definition of binge drinking?
Have 4 or 5 drinks for men and 4 for women in a row.
Alcohol Myths:
1 - stimulant

2 - enhances pleasure

3 - incr sexual performance
Benefit of drinking?
Wine increases HDL but this is due to grapes and drinking grapejuice would have same effect