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3 Types of Psychology Research
Pure Basic
Program Eval
What is pure basic research?

and example.
Done simply for the pursuit of knowledge?

Going to the rain forest and studying nomads
What is applied research?

Give an example?
A Specific problem for which an intervention would be helpful.

ie hate crime study
What is a program evaluation?
to know if a program is effective and achieving it’s stated goals
What are the 4 goals of psychology?
1-describe behavior
2-Understand behavioral phenomena
3-Predict behavior i.e. success at a job i.e. likeliness for depression
4-Control behavior
What is an experimental psychologist?
research is their primary task
What is a forensic psychologist?
study ways to prevent crime, how jury might think
Who Was Wund?
What year did he become famous?
First to proclaim psychology was a science in 1879
What are Structuralism and Introspection and 3 basic elements?
Conscious experience could be divided into 3 basic elements sensations, feelings, and images. Thought this could be achieved thru introspection where individuals more or less critique their own thoughts and feelings
s f i

indiv critique own
Who started functionalism?

What is functionalism? What is primary question?
William James.

Instead of breaking down components of conscious experience ask “what is the purpose or fx of this experience and how does it aid us in our environment.”
What was functionalism influenced by?
Influenced by Darwin’s theory of evolution
What is ethology?

Give an example.
The role of behavior to help us adapt to our environment, as in animal behavior.
What is Sociobiology?
biological basis of human behavior i.e. nurture vs. nature) stemmed from this.
Who started testing movement and with what?
Alfred Binet and Stanford University dev “Stanford Binet” IQ test still used today
What movement did Freud start?
Describe psychoanalysis?

What were problems due to?
Setting is not in a lab but like today’s modern private practice and analyzed people with a wide rang of psych problems and felt that problems were due to unresolved issues of childhood.
What is unconscious mind theory and who developed it?
Lack of awareness of the motives for their behavior and felt that much behavior is driven by unconscious need
, Freud.
What are 2 primary motivational instincts according to Freud?
Sexual and Aggression
What does "actions are symbolic" mean?
All actions are symbolic. I.e. man buys a Porche
What did Freud think about dreams?
Dreams reflect our unconscious feelings
What 2 psychologist were determinist?
Freud and John B Watson
What is a determinist?
The way our personalities are as adults are cumulative effects of our childhood experiences
What is behaviorism? Give an example

Who developed this theory?
Psychology is a science as the natural sciences. We should limit focus to that which can be measured.

Ie measure HR to indic anxiety

John B Watson
What is Gestalt Psychology and who developed?
Interest in how humans perceive events and consider whole context in which behavior occurred. Also developed concept of insight as fundamental way we learn “light bulb goes off and solution occurs.

Inteerest in ho humans percieve...

Consider whole context which...
What is Humanistic approach to psychology? What year started?
Felt that previous approaches were negative and wanted to focus on positive qualities. Humans have free will. We are not products of our childhood and can write our own destinies. Humans only engage in bad when basic needs have been unmet.
What 3 psychologist developed Humanistic approach?
Rogers, Rollo May, and Abraham Maslow.
What are 4 forces of psychology?
Psychoanalytic considered first force. Behavior is 2cd force, and Humanistic is 3rd force, 4th force is multicultural
(Humans are products of their culture. Culture shapes how they respond to others make decisions, hold attitudes, beliefs and values. This perspective seems to overlook the affect socioeconomics has on behavior
What problem does the multicultural approach to psycholgy overlook?
This perspective seems to overlook the affect socioeconomics has on behavior
What is Evolutionary Psychology and what is it similar to?

Give an example.
Similar to sociobiology discussed previously. Views that all of our behavior and beliefs exist b/c one or multiple reasons, these beliefs and behaviors have evolved over time and aid us in survival
I.e. Most people who work are more willing to help their family members then strangers. Scientist belief this is due to evolutionary biology in that we have a biological need to survive which requires passing our genes on to a new generation, this contributes to our genes future survival.
behavior and beliefs exist b/c of ....

behavior has evolved and aid us in...
What is insight and who developed it?
Learning is like a light bulb

Who brought psychology to US?

What organization did he start?

What year?
G Stanley Hall

Who brought psychology to US?

What organization did he start?

What year?
G Stanley Hall