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Is grading for this course on a curve? If not on a curve, how is it graded?
Grading is not on a curve. This course's grades are based on competency, not curve.

Grades are assigned starting from mastery.
By design, how much time should be spent on this course?
Two hours outside of class for each credit hour (6 hours) plus 3 hours a week in class (3 hours) equals a total of 9 hours a week on average.
If a student doesn't like the procedures, is an alternative available?
Yes, the student can create a comprehensive personalized plan for accomplishing course objectives, as long as it meets requirements.
When are test scores given?
Tests are graded in class immediately after taking the test.
What is the absence policy?
Policy encourages commitment to task. Absences are not encouraged.
What is the 4% rule?
All students are given 4 percent of the total points for the course for free. These help ease loss of points from absences.
What exceptions exist to rules?
Exceptions to policies stated will be considered on an individual basis, but are rarely made.
What are the advantages to having the course centered on the printed word?
Advantages center on individualizing to a student's learning speed.
How do you know your grade?
Scoring/grade sheet. At the end of the class period, students post the points earned that day, cumulate their total points, find their current grade, and post it on the grade sheet.
What is the policy on cheating?
You fail.
What process is to be used to handle complaints?
-informal: write it out and give it to the professor. THe student has a right to talk to any university official.

-Formal: the University has an established way of submitting formal complaints that can be found in the student handbook.
What are the procedures for machine scoring of tests?
1. Put your sheet in the machine head first, with answers facing up.

2. Have the edge of the answer sheet along the guide rail at the front of the machine and give your sheet a small push.

3. Use a number 2 pencil.

4. If asked to omit a question, do not move the other answers up.

5. Do not mark more than one answer for a given number unless specified.

6. The score is printed out at the bottom of the test.

7. 3 numbers will be printed out on the bottom. The first is # correct, second is % correct, and third will not be used.
How is selecting a class comparable to a grocery store encounter?
If clear course descriptions and expectations are given, the student can decide and compare classes to see which ones are worth his or her effort.
What is the oral quiz procedure?
Students are randomly called on. After your response, you will write down the question, answer, and correct answer to the question.

Orals are closed book and notes. You can take notes on a blank sheet.

Usual scornig is 2 points for a correct answer, 3 points for taking part, for a total of 5 possible points.

A jump question is a question that is on a volunteer basis.
What is a typical day like?
10 minutes: critical analysis repertoire development (students see a fake psychic event and write a critical analysis)

20 minutes: STPD (orals)

5 minutes: Putting the course together (announcements, homework issues, assignments, enrichment)

10 minutes: Daily quiz

5 minutes: Student posting grade sheet
What does mechanic points encompass?
A- Heading on material and tests handed in

B - Returning of materials (alphabetized or in numerical order)

C- Correcting and Posting tests
Percentages that letter grades are based on
A: 90% or above
B: 80% but not 90%
C: 70% but not 80%
D: 60% but not 70%
When are you guaranteed an A in the class?
- When you have 90% or above
- When you are in the top 25% of the class (if not more than 25% of the class gets As)
When are 0 points given for a test?
1- Answer sheets out of room
2- talking
3- Pencils taken to the scoring machine
4- Assigned seats (not being in yours)
In what way are course procedures individualized?
You can develop a comprehensive personalized plan for accomplishing the objectives of this course

-The absence policy can be individualized to meet extreme situations
Criteria for letters of recommendation
-minimum of 4, 3 credit classes (including an independent study course)
-mutual writing experience
How can you help improve a teaching system based on good learning principles?
-work hard
-make suggestions
-help keep the system honest
-be committed to the course
What is the major objective of the classroom contact time with students?
-Period of evaluation
What is the motivational factor used to get students to increase study behavior?
-Student sees relationship to other class members as a reason to study
-if they know their stuff, they are allowed to go on to more interesting things
What should the student do to get points for the enrichment exercises?
-be on time for the activity
-hand in adequate notes (covering the major issues presented by the speaker)
-hand in your OWN notes
-notes handed in must be in the usual heading format
What is the 3 strike rule?
Three 3s in a row on orals means that the third miss will be worth only 1 point.
What is the highest point total you can put in any one column on the score sheet for orals?
10 points (two rounds together)
How is the student involved in the learning process?
-daily learning exercises
What form can written tests be in?
-short answer
-multiple choice
-true or false
Is there a final?
A 10% final is a possibility, based on whether students work and accomplish learning the content of the course