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what is i/o psych
-effect of work on nonwork beh
-help people
-scientist-pracitioner model
improve, evaluate, predit employee performance
how organizations impact individuals
division 14 of apa
3,400 professional and 1900 student members
4% of all apa psycholgists
who founded psych
william wundt, 1879
introspection and perception
trained several pioneers of i/o psych
new industrial economy
walter dill scott..
published on psych and advertising and books on psych and business
true scientist-practioner
Hugo munsterberg
until 1907, hated applied psych
then interested in applying traditional mmethods to applied problems
trolley driver selection/stimulator
=Father of i/o psych
Industrial psych
organizational not added til 1970s
scientific management
optimal way of doing things
hire based on characteristics for succesful job performance
train and reward
Bureau of salesmanship research
walter dill scott= director
goal to predict salesman performance
robert yerkes group
suitability of recruits and promote field of psych
Army alpha (cognitive)and beta (oral)
tested 1000000 ppl, personality testing for war neuroses
walter dill scott group
mental qualifications of 500 jobs, beginning of job analysis
procedures to rate performance, beginning of performance appraisal
consulting firms, psych corporation
founded by james mckean cattell
individual differnces, heredity

walter d.scott took over psych corp and made successful
first phd in i/o
Bruce v moore
from carnegie tech
hawthorne effect
change in behavior results from researchers paying attention to workers

conditioned birth of organizational psych