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why multiculturalism important for io psych
1.definition..human beh in all parts of world based multinational corp attempt to apply 1 size fits all mentality; attempts to deny cultural differences
3. promotes diversity (enriching)
west vs rest
relevant to US situations and less concern their applicability to other countries
hofstedes theory
five basic elements which cultures can be distinguised (indi-coll continuum); compatible with american culture but less with others
1. individualism/ collectivism
degree to which indiv expected to look after themselves vs. remaining integrated into groups
2. power distance
degree to which less powerful members of organization accept and expect uneuql distribution of power
3.uncertainty avoidance
extent to which members feel comfortable in unstructured situations
distribution of emotional roles b/w genders

masculine cultures emphasize accomplishment and technical perfromance
feminine emphasize interpersonal relationships and communication
5.long term vs. short term orientation
extent members expect immediate vs. delayed gratification of material, social and emotional needs
horizontal vs. vertical cultures
horizontal: minimize distance b/w individuals

vertical: accepts and depends upon distances b/w individuals
7 motivational types of human values: achievement, enjoyment, maturity, prosocial, restrictive conformity, security, self-direction
micro/macro/meso research
micro= individual beh
macro=collective beh
meso=integrate both; multi-level or cross level analysis
campbell's model of job performance
time to complete training course, number of pieces produced, total days abset, total value of sales, promotion rates w/in organization... to measure performance
=beh relevant to organizational's goals, measured by each individual's proficiency; observed and described
evaluation of results of performance

controlled by factors beyond actions of an individual
ratio of effectivness (output) to cost of achieving the level of effectiveness (input)
campbell's 3 direct determinants of job performance
declarative knowledge
procedural knowledge and skill
adaptive performance
flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances

(technologies, mergers, downsizing, globalization)
expert performance
performing for at least 10 years and have spent average of 4 hours/day in deliberate practice
deliberate practice
individualized training on tasks selected by qualified teacher
Weiss and Shanteau
4 kinda of expertise judges: evaluation + qualitative or quantitative expression
2. expert predictors: evaluation + projection to a future event
3. expert instructors: evaluation + communication
4. expert performers: evaluation + execution
job evaluation
internal pay decisions by comparing job titles to one another and determine relative merit
comparable worth
jobs of comparable worth should get comparable pay

internal controls (job evaluation) and external controls (salary surveys)