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willowbrook study
children in school for retarded
injected w/ form of hepatitis
parents had to consent to have children admitted to only available area of school
Tuskegee syphillis study
followed 100s of african am inflicted w/ syphillis
no treatment after discovery of penicilin
what is ethical research
-analyze dta and report results honestly
-give proper credit for ideas
-consider how research should be used
-treat participants w/ concern for their welfare
ethically questionable practices
-involving ppl w/out their consent or knowledge (natural observation)
-coercing ppl to participate
-decieving participant
-leading participants to commit acts that lower self-esteem
-exposing them to stress
-invading privacy
-withholding benefits
ethical considerations
Cost v. Benefits
-harm v. freedom of inquiry
-is harm long lasting?
Power differential
-avoid abusing power
-anonymity-collect no identifying info
-confidentiality- keep info secure
receive federal funds, must seek a reivew of the ethical consideration of researach w/ humans
social scientific studies
medical scientific studies

Focus: protecting partic from harm
Purpose: determine when risk is unreasonable
APA ethics guidelines
responsibility not on APA, on scientist
Informed consent: partic may decline or withdraw, exaplin unforseeable consequences, discomforts and risks, benefits to partici, limits on confidentiality, right to ask questions, compensation
research provides info about nature, results, and conclusion of research
partici can ask questions