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Factorial design=
2 or more IV
1 DV
examines effects of more than 1 IV, both individually and collectively, on the DV
Main effect
effect of a single independent variable on the DV while ignoring other IV's
present when the effect of one IV on the DV depends on the level of another IV
sir ronald fischer
created f-ratio to konw interaction of effects b/c crop yeild impacted by combination of variables
2 way factorial design
2 IVs
Between subjects variables

diferent participants assigned to each cell
calculate mean score for each cell
calculate marginal means
no difference among levels of IV A
no difference among levels of IV B
no interaction between A and B
8 possible outcomes sig.main effects, interaction not sign
2.sig main effect for variable A only
3.sig main effect for variable B only
4.sign main effct for variables A & B only
5.interaction is sign, main effects are not
6.sig main effect for variable A and interaction is sig
7.sig main effect for variable B and interaction is sig
8.both main effects and interaction are significant
7 Null hypothesis & 7 tests
3 for main effects of IVs, A,B,C
3 two-way interactions; AxB, AxC, BxC
1 three-way interaction, AxBxC