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3 reasons its valuable to understand history of psychology
1.To understand psy's identity (personality, roles, past/family)
2.To learn root of misunderstandings of modern psy and psychiatry
3.To answer the creation questions: why are we here? (why/how is psy here? psy's lifespan and where its heading, context of its past to interpret the present)
Phillipe Pinel
Runs hospitals for insane.
They are clean, more and better food, cuts arbitrary doses of drugs.
Provides work therapy and reading
Death rate drops dramatically
Uses autopsies to refute opinions that brain lesions are the cause of insanity.
Develops early system of diagnosing mental illnesses according to physical symptoms.
3 factors inhibiting contributions of women
1.Grad Programs not accessible to women; faced discrimination in admittance. also difficult recieving rightfully earned degree
2.General discrimination held again women of the century. Believed to have innate deficits that hindered academic performance and considered to fail from the rigors of grad school
3.Job availablity for women=poor. evn when completed degree and graduated from grad school
2 challenges to behaviorism
1.Humanistic Psychologists= wanted to expand field to include facets of human potential, emphasize + human values, and one's natural tendency towards personal growth
2.Cognitive Psychologists were opposed to restricting subject matter to only observable behavior; wanted to explore cognitve and mental processes.
3 current trends in psych
1.Increase of women and ethic groups in psy.
2.Development of Positive Psych. (positive values of optimism, joy,well-being,and>how promote longer and happier life)
3.Industrial/Organizational Psych: how individual behavior is affected by work environment,co-workers, and organizational practices. Psy to a practical problem(industrial) and situational and social factors (organ.)
Combo of what 4 things that makes Psy. unique
1.Uses scientific technique
2.Studies full range of human and non-human behavior
3.Has research applications that are scientifically derived.
4.Is scientifically tested.
Objectives of science, religion, art
Science=understand origin, nature,adn processes of physical universe
Religion=understand human soul, nature of deities,and afterlife
Art=Understand physical and metaphysical universe
How knowledge gained thru science, religion, art
Science:evidence generated by observations or experiements.
Religion:ancient texts of revaltions of those inspired
Art:personal insight or insight of others
Where users put faith
Science:in honesty of reported data
Religion:supernatural beings or authorities who interpret text/events
Art:in own perceptions
How knowledge changes thru time
Science: by new observations and reinterpretation of existing data
Religion:usually unchangable except by reinterpretation of authorities
Art:as user changes or encounters ideas of others