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When do you resolve skepticism?
it's clear that the prospect doubts a feature or benefit you've described.
How do you resolve a misunderstanding?
confirm the need behind the concern; support the need by acknowledge the need, describe relevant features and benefits; check for acceptance
How do you confirm the need in a misunderstanding?
use a closed probe that includes the language of needs
What is the first step in addressing a misunderstanding?
turn it around; get the need behind the concern expressed as a need rather than as a problem
What is the first thing to do in resolving a misunderstanding?
probe to understand the concern
When do you resolve a misunderstanding?
it's clear that the prospect thinks you can't provide a feature or benefit you can provide.
Why do drawbacks arise?
a prospect has a need you can't satisfy
What can you do when there is a drawback?
show the features and benefits you do provide contribute to the overall results he or she is looking for
How do you resolve a drawback?
acknowledge the concern; refocus on the bigger picture; outweigh the drawback with previously accepted benefits; check for acceptance
Why refocus on the bigger picture?
put the drawback in perspective, consider it within the broader context of his or her other needs
How do you outweigh a drawback?
review the benefits the prospect has already accepted
What benefits will most likely to outweigh the drawback?
the highest-priority needs, the need behind the need, benefit competitors can't provide
What shall you do when you can't outweigh a drawback?
probe to uncover additional needs you can support with additional benefits
How do you resolve a drawback that cannot be outweigh?
acknowledge the prospect's point of view, request permission to probe, probe to create prospect awareness of needs