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Why so people prune?
-improve plant health
-increase light and air cirulation in canopy
-dead, dying, damaged, diseased, derranged
-remove suckers and water sprouts
-enhance flowering or fruiting
What helps prevent unnecessary pruning before getting a plant?
-select plants with desired features at maturity
-consider branch spacing
-structural strength and safety
-work with natural form of tree/shrub
What are the V, U, and R sayings for limb shape in terms os safety?
-V= Very bad
-U= Ultimate
-R= Right on/choice!
What happens to tree in V cuts?
-bark becomes embedded or included in tree healing
What happens to tree in U cuts?
-forms ridge bark at cut
What are some pruning techniques?
-heading back (use drop-crotching or pinching)
-raising the crown
-crown reduction
What is drop-crotching?
-pruning back to a fork where there is a live branch (better form of heading back)
What is pinching in pruning?
-removal of soft new growth of branch tips with fingers
How much of the crown should you retain when "raising the crown"?
-67% of crown
How do you perform a proper pruning cut for larger limbs?
-Make a cut under limb partway through branch above final cutting area
-make second cut PAST 1st cut to remove large portion of limb
-make final but at bark ridge for proper healing
What is thinning?
-complete removal of branches back to a lateral branch or main trunk
When are trees best pruned?
-in dormant season following growth flush
What can happen if trees are pruned at times other than in dormancy?
-water sprouts occur
When should plants be pruned that set bud the previous year?
-right after they flower
-ex: lilac
When should plants that flower in current growth?
-while still dormant
What are three forms of specialized pruning?
What is espalier and what is it used for?
-creation of 2-dimensional plants
-used for fruit production (especially apples and pears)
-used to conserve space
-used to make use of "microclimate"
What are some common espalier shapes?
Where did "Bonsai" begin and what was/is it known as?
-in China!
-called Penjing
*Began in Han Dynasty 2000 years ago and introduced to Japan in 14th century
What is problematic about Bonsai trees purchased in grocery stores?
-they are temperate trees that require dormancy period, which customers don't know. They never let it get dormant so tree dies.