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How can stratification be replicated?
-zip-lock baggie
-add vermiculite or sand with seeds
-add water and drain off excess
-put in fridge for 1-3 months
*depends on where plant is native
What are some cool-season crops?
-spinach beets
-cole crops
-snapdragons and pansies
When can cool-season crops germinate?
-can tolerate freezing conditions
-come from temperate climats
-germinate if soil is 40-55 degrees F
What do warm-season crops germinate?
-over 60 degrees F
-killed by freezing temperatures
What are some warm-season crops?
-vine crops
-sweet corn
What are some options for protecting plants from bad weather?
-Row covers of plastic
-wall of water plastic
How should seeds be planted?
-2-3x their diameter in depth
-it's better to plant too shallow rather than deep
-keep evenly moist
*seeds can be placed on top of soil and coverd with horticultural grade sand
Which seeds require more light?
-small seeds, plant more shallow
What are the techniques for transplanting?
-prick-out seedlings
-handle by cotyledons
-put in pre-made hole
-fill in around seedling and firm the medium
What is the frost-free date?
In Burlington for spring and fall?
-the approximate time of year when no more frosts should occur during growing period
-can be found with Master Gardener Program, Weather station, or College/University in your area
-May 8th for spring, Oct 3rd for fall