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What are 4 characteristics of "good" lawn?
-wear tolerant
What are four traits of kentucky bluegrass?
+wear tolerant
+drought tolerant
-not shade tolerant
-slow to establish
What are 5 traits of Creeping Red Fescue?
+drought tolerant
+shade tolerant
+tolerates acidic soil
-doesn't tolerate wear well
-does not like high fertility
What are three traits of Perennial Ryegrass?
+germinates and establishes quickly
+tolerates wet soils
-not all cultivars are cold hardy
What are 4 traits of bentgrass?
+tolerates wet soils
-prone to disease
-requires high fertility
-susceptible to drought
Which grass is used on golf courses most often?
Which two grasses are drought tolerant?
-kentucky bluegrass
-Creeping Red Fescue
Which two grasses can stand being wet?
-Perennial Ryegrass
What is a good grass mix?
-Kentucky bluegrass 40 - 70%
-Creeping red fescue 30 - 60%
-Perennial ryegrass 10 - 20%
How do you alter grass mix for shade?
-add more fescue for shade
-increase bluegrass for sun
What are 8 things to consider when establishing a lawn?
-sun vs shade
-incidence of drought
-heat tolerance/cold tolerance
-growth rate/height
How do you make a lawn?
-prep soil
-lay seed/sod/plugs
-water as instructed
How do you lay down seed?
-Do from April to May or mid-August to October
-Sow in 2 directions
-Use 2-4#/1000 sq ft (know the size of your lawn)
-rake seeds into soil surface lightly
-mulch with straw not hay!
-water 2x daily for 2 weeks until established
How do you lay down sod?
-same time as seeding
-lay out pallat immediately to prevent heating and drying of roots
-roll or tamp into place for root contact
-water once daily for 2 weeks
What are the three steps of mowing?
-When 3" tall, cut down to 1"
-Remove only 1/3 of existing grass if at different lengths
-Do not cut below 1.5" to help keep out weeds and increase photosynthesis
What type of mower should be used?
-reel mower (not traditional rotary mower!)
What is a good ratio for fertilizer on lawns?
3-2-2 or 2-1-1
How much fertilzer should be used for lawns?
-4# N/1000 sq ft/year
-never mor ethan 2# N/100 sq ft/ application
(fertilize twice a year or more for better results)
How often should lawn fertilizer be applied?
-water soluble: 3x yearly in Northeast
-2x for organic farms or slow-release fertilizer (in April and September)
When should you rake?
Remove thatch?
-rake in fall
-edge anytime
-remove thatch in spring
What are some common weeds found in turf?
-white clover
What are 8 trouble makers in lawn care?
-fertilizer overdose
-compaction of soil
-spilt oil
-leatherjackets (grubs)
-buried debris
How can you naturally control lawn grubs?
-How does it work?
-Use BT (Bacillus thuringiensis)
-AKA: "milky spore bacteria"
-gets in gut of larvae and kills it from inside out