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What is grafting?
-inserting a part of one plant into or on another so that they can unite and continue growth as a single plant
What is the stock of a plant?
-the basal part of a grafted plant
What is the scion of a plant?
-the detached shoot with more than one bud
-the upper part of a graft
What are 8 plant generally grafted?
-some maples
-tree peonies
Why should grafting be used?
-an alternative way if other methods don't work
-to dwarf scion growth
-to repair injured trees
-to shorten time to flowering
-ornamental selections/novelties
-improve insect and disease resistance
-improve heat/salt tolerance
What are some different types of grafts?
-side or veneer
-whip and tongue
-patch budding
What are some problems with grafting?
-suckering from roots
-graft incompatibility