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Responsibilities of chapter historian
1. Keep and accurate record of all fraternity activities
2. Improve public relations with the campus and community
2 brothers who carried PSP through 20 years of turbulent times while teacher's colleges were becoming state colleges
1. Joseph Torchia
2. Richard Todd
Lamp of Knowledge
Symbolizes man's seeking after knowledge and truth
Senior Executive Director
1. Plans all of PSP's national event
2. Oversees all financial matters that are related to the fraternity
3. Manager of the National Staff
4. The editor of The Lampadion
5. Serves on the personnel committee at the national level
Feb 14, 1916 - PSP was organized
1921 - became national
April 25, 1930 - first meeting of Theta chapter
Nov 5, 1930 - first pledge class induction of the theta chapter
1931 - name changed to Professional Education Fraternity
1965 - name changed to Honor Fraternity for Liberal Arts and Education Students
Year women were first admitted
Director of Member Services
1. Hires, trains, and supervises all the region consultants
2. Meets with consultants on a monthly basis
3. Investigates emergency situations
4. In charge of the PSP publications
National Secretary
Brittany A. Bodart
1. Ensures the preservation of the National Constitution and other supplies of PSP
2. Serves as chairperson of the Awards, Scholarship, & Emblem Committee
3. Serves on the Communication and Technology Committee
4. Issues and signs all Charters and Membership Certificates
Office Manager
1. Coordinates the payment of dues/fees by the chapters
2. Records and tracks the chapter forms and prepares delinquency reports
3. Oversees the office supplies and prepares bank deposits
4. Oversees registration
5. Supervises the administrative assistant
Regional Consultant
Kristy O'Hara
1. Counsels chapters
2. Works with chapters on chapter development
3. Evaluates the strengths and limitations of chapters
4. Produces a report for the National Council
5. Reports to the director of member services
Vice President of Finance
Josh G. Marder
1. Signs warrants of the Treasury
2. Authorizes warrants of the Grand Chapter
3. Works with the Executive Director to prepare an annual budget
4. Ensures that a complete record of receipts and expenditures is maintained
5. Serves as the chairperson for the Fund Development Committee and serves on the Personnel Committee
The supreme legislative board of PSP
Grand Chapter
National President in 1930
W. Percivel
First President of Theta chapter
Alexander Hardie
Senior Vice President
Lisa A. Ambrosia Howard
1. presides at all meetings of Grand Chapter and the National Council in the absense or inability of the National President
2. Chairperson of the Constitution & Chapter Standards Committee
3. Performs any other duties assigned to her
Founding fathers
Hendricks, Phillips, and McClure
First Advisors of Theta chapter
Straugn and McNair
Date of first pledge class induction into Theta chapter
November 5, 1930
3 ways alumni can support PSP
1. donante money
2. become an alumni advisor for a different chapter
3. attend events like National conventions
Clasped Links
Represents the fellowship that makes PSP a fraternity, welded together to prevent separation
Parts of the Coat of Arms
Band of Yellow
Three Stars
Lamp of Knowledge
Open Book and Staff
Clasped Links
Purple & Gold
3 governing documents
1. Ritual
2. National Constitution
3. Fraternal Governance Document
Vice President of Alumni Development
Jonah K. Goodman
1. Serves as the coordinating official for Alumni communications and activities
2. Encourages positive and consistant communication among the chapters and alumni
3.Serves as the Grand Chapter's official liason with alumni and alumni chapters
4. Serves as the chairperson of the Alumni Development Committee
Open Book and Staff
Symbolic of the nature of our training, and medium through which the worker receives the principles and underlying truths basic to the skills to be developed and the suggestion that we are just beginning the field of service
3 stars
Remind us to become proficient in the use of Research, Study, and Tolerance
Chapter Secretary
1. Communication with the National Office of the Fraternity
2. Taking the minutes at every meeting of the chapter as well as the Executive Council meetings
Chapter Vice President
1. Secondary responsibility for affairs
2. Oversees perminent and floating committees with the fraternity
Vice President of Chapter Development
Paul Whatley
1. Ensures the organization and installation of new chapters
2. Ensures that all information pertaining to the growth and expansion of PSP is properly interpreted and desseminated
3. Promotes communication and national unity among regions and chapters
4. Ensures the development and education of regional leadership
5. Chairperson of the Chapter Development Committee
Chapter Perlimentarian
1. Keeps order at meetings of the chapter
2. Enforces and keeps an accurate record of the points system
3. Answers all questions of a parlimentary procedure
Year PSP became national
Chapter President
1. Responsible for all activities of the fraternity
2. Conducting its' affairs so chapter maintains position of respect & usefulness on campus and in fraternity
3. Directs all chapter meetings
Band of Yellow
Joins the fields of purple and gold. Symbolic of the tie that unites all members of our fraternity in a common cause-that of social service
Why Grand Chapter is held
1. To conduct business of PSP
2. To provide leadership opportunities for advancement
2 official songs of PSP
"Brothers are we"
3 men responsible for developing a plan to revitalize PSP in 1980s
1. Steven A. Diguiseppe
2. Jack W. Thornton
3. Jeffrey L. Johnson
Administrative Assistant
1. Processes all of the paperwork and mail received by PSP
2. Oversees the database and updates all member records
3. Coordinates the chapter mailings as well as all mass mailing efforts
4. Fulfills the receptionist duties for PSP
Cluada Pennock Todd
Emblematic of the equipment of a crusador about to start a journey. The secret symbols represent the simple oath and obligation to the group with which he as allied himself
PSP Purpose
1. Acquisition and dissesemblence of information and knowledge by scholarship
2. The application of professional skills and fostering leadership qualities by advancing the welfare of humanity
3. Non-discriminatory fostering of fraternal fellowship
First projects of Theta chapter
1. Organize a chapter at New York Teacher's College
2. Organize a Big-Brother program for new freshman males
Became national in which state
Chapter treasurer
1. manages the finances of the fraternity
2. Collects dues and special assessments
First woman admitted into PSP
Laura Abney
National President
Kathy M. Domby
1. Presides at all meetings of the Grand Chapter and National Council
2. Appoints all committes members
3. Ensures all policies are carried out
4. Promotes the general interests of PSP
5. Signs warrants drawn upon by the Treasury, contracts entered into by PSP, all Charters, and all Membership Certificates
Title 9
Forced Tau Chapter to admit women or be disbanded
Where PSP was founded
Central Missouri State College
Highest honor a brother can receive
Distinguished Service Key
Why Nationals are held
1. To help facilitate chapter and brother improvement
2. To hold an annual awards ceremony
Chapter Initiate Guides
1. Help and guide the initiates into the fraternity
2. Act as comminication link between initiates and brotherhood
3. Teaches the initiates the history of and ideals of the fraternity
Vice President of Membership Development
Patrick D. Herron
1. Instructs chapters on how to make efficients use of the Ritual
2. proposes changes to the National Guidelines on Initiation
3. Ensures the chapters Initiation Programs are designed properly
4. Serves as the chairperson of the Membership Development Committee
Colors of PSP
Purple is the sign of royalty. Reminds us we belong to a select group.
Gold is the standard quality of refinement of method, tastes, and appreciations