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Three Founding Fathers
Eldo Hendricks, C.H. McClure, Claude Phillips
Eldo Hendricks
President at S.T.C. @ Warrensburg MO

Leadership Award

Central Regional Director
C.H. McClure
Head of History Dept.

Scholarship Award

Beta Chapter Founder

VP and National Council
Claude Phillips
Dean of Faculty

Fellowship Award

Impact on field of Education
Edward Ingraham And Charles Darrin
Wrote Music and Lyrics to Brothers Are We

With Music Dept. at Mansfield State T.C.
Thomas "Ted Williams"
Wrote Brother
Founded at:
State Teachers College at Warrensburg MO
New name of School Founded:
University of Central MO
Founded on:
February 2, 1916

Original PSP print
PSP Newsletter
PSP Becomes a National Fraternity
PSP Becomes a National Honors Fraternity
KPK Wanted to Merge
Vote to merge with PSP
Lost, 172-106
Purple and Gold Newsletter
Maintain contact b/w collegiate Chapters and the National Office
Membership Handbook credited author
Claire Wilson
Lampadion means:
Little Torch
Lampadion is edited by:
Andrew Berman
Lampadion is for:
Alumni newsletter
Purple and Gold Newsletter is edited by
Anika Jackson
PSP Foundation
Created to collect and distribute funds in support of PSP

Members are people who donate moneyyyyyyyyyyyy
Order of Business at Chapter
Gamma Alpha
Delta Eta
Eastern Illinois University
Beta Omega
U of I
Epsilon Zeta
Minnesota State University - Mankato
Epsilon Lambda
University of Iowa
Epsilon Sigma
6 Schools in Our Region
IOWA, EIU, ISU, MSU-Mankato, Purdue, U of I
Alumni Chapter
Western Pennsylvania Alumni Chapter
Roberts Rules of Order
Book that PSP follows as a guide to running meetings
Purpose of Parliamentary Procedure
Assist in making meetings run smoothly
The Shingle
Membership Certificate
Fraternity Colors
Purple and Gold
Auxiliary Colors
Grand Chapter consists of:
National Council, delegates form collegiate and alumni hapters
What is Grand Chapter
The Supreme Legislative Body of PSP
Our Region
Upper Midwest
National Council
Executive Administrative body of the National fraternity
What is our philanthropy
Teach For America
Tripod of PSP
Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship
Why was the merger with KPK opposed?
It would unnecessarily change the ideals of the founding fathers
What slowed PSP's growth and momentum?
What had to be done before Women could join PSP?
Change the National Constitution
What did Title IX do?
Made PSP Co-Ed since it appeared discriminatory towards women
Clauda Pennock Todd "Sweatheart"
First Woman to be inducted as an Honorary Brother
Steven DiGuiseppe
Served as National Secretary/Treasurer, VP of Membership Development, and National President in the 1980's
Award recognizing Administrative excellence is named in who's honor
Steven DiGuiseppe
Under Who's leadership did PSP grow 3x it's size?
Jeffery Johnson
Jeffery Johnson created what?
Permanent National Headquarters
What award was named for Jeffery Johnson
Interchapter and Alumni Fellowship Award
Joseph Torchia served as what and for how long?
National Secretary/Treasurer for almost 20 years
How long was Joseph Torchia a brother?
Almost 40 years
What award is named for Joseph Torchia
Outstanding Chapter Award
Rolla Wood was elected what in when?
President in 1928
What did Rolla Wood do?
Galcanized National Officers into a cohesive Unit

Promoted PSP Nationally

Brought PSP into professional Interfraternity Conference
What scholarship is named for Rolla Wood?
Annual Graduate Scholarship
Richard Todd was a teacher when and what did he teach?
History Teacher at Millersville University of Pennsylvania and East Carolina University
How many positions did Richard Todd serve?
5 over the course of 25 years
What was significant about Richard Todd's service?
His 25 year service was the longest term served in PSP history
Laura Abney was...
The first woman to be inducted as an actual brother
What chapter did Laura belong to?
Tammy Maleziva..
was the first elected woman to serve as National President, was also Interim National Secretary and VP
What Chapter did Tammy Maleziva belong to?
Alpha Epsilon
Purpose of Teach for America
To eliminate educational inequality in public schools
Fraternal Songs
Brother and Brothers Are We
Ways to become an Alumni
Transfer, Withdraw, Graduate
Ways to stay active as an Alumni
Join NAA or regional Alumni Chapter/ Association

Financial Support

Serving as an Alumni Adviser or on a National Committee or a National Council

Apply to be a regional consultant

Attend national Events
The Ritual
The only way to become a collegiate or honorary member
Suzanne Schaffer
Executive Director
Executive Director's duties
Oversees Daily Operations

Acts as a liaison b/w National Council and Staff

Oversees Financial Matters

Plans and Organizes national events

Director of the National Staff
Andrew Berman
Director of Publications and Alumni Relations
Director of Publications and Alumni Relations's duties
Coordinates annual giving and develops lifetime member relations

Editor of the Lampadion

Serves as a liaison to the PSP Foundation

Maintains a philanthropic program
Anika Jackson
Director of Member Services
Director of Member Services duties
Trainer and supervisor of Regional Consultants

Editor of Purple and Gold newsletter

Manages National website

Investigates emergency problems within the chapters and reports findings to the National Council
Ryan DeGuzman
Director of Expansion
Director of Expansion's duties
Acts like a liaison and assists PSP colonies

Establishes relationships with prospective colleges

Activates and re-activates chapters
Krista Kay
Director of Leadership Advancement
Director of Leadership Advancement's duties
responsible for developing and managing the fraternity's leadership programs

serves as staff liaison to Teach for America
Joann Haringer
Office Manager
Office Manager's duties
Records and monitors chapter forms, fees and dues

Processses paperwork, organizes and processes mailings, and assists the National Staff as needed

Oversees registration of National Events
Annette Arlint
Regional Consultant
Regional Consultant's duties
Advises chapter on a variety of programming and management concerns

evaluates chapter performances

Regional consultant for the Central, Great Lakes, and Mid South Regions' chapters
Jonah Goodman
National President
National President's duties
Official ambassador of PSP

Presides over all meetings at Grand chapter and National Council

Appoints all Committee Members
Chris Constantino
Senior Vice President
Senior VIce President's duties
Serves at Parliamentarian at all national meetings

Presides over meetings if the President is unable to attend

Chairperson of the Constitution and chapter standards committee
Chris McCoy
National Secretary
National Secretary's duties
Ensures that accurate records are kept for all national meetings

Ensures the preservation of the National Constitution, Charters and Rituals
Matthew "Fresh" Nicoletta
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Finance's duties
formulates a budget with the executive director (Suzanne Schaffer)

Signs warrants on the Treasury and contracts entered into PSP

Maintains a complete record of receipts and expenditures
Natalie Swierzbin
Vice President of Membership Development
Vice President of Membership Development's duties
Improves and develops resources to ensure initiation programs produce dedicated and active Brothers

Proposes changes to National Guidelines to Initiation
Kyle Williams
Vice President of Chapter Development
Vice President of Chapter Development's duties
Develops programs to promotes communication between chapters

Develops programs to improve regional collaboration between chapters

Ensures growth of PSP is properly interpreted and not misrepresented
Sarah Cantwell
Vice President of Alumni Development
Vice President of Alumni Development's duties
Oversees development of alumni resources and benefits

Assists chapter on approving alumni relations

serves at the Grand Chapter's official liaison with Alumni and Alumni Chapters
Katie Martin Peachey
Vice President of Philanthropy Development
Vice President of Philanthropy Development's duties
Responsible for leading and developing efforts with National philanthropy, Teach for America

Disseminates info to collegiate and alumni chapters

Evaluates National Philanthropy related initiatives

Serves as Council liaison to Teach for America