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Immune (adj.)
Protected; unthreatened by.
Immutable (adj.)
Unchangeable; permanent.
Impartial (adj.)
Unbiased; fair.
Impetuous (adj.)
1 - Rash; impulsive.
2 - Forcible; violent.
Implication (n.)
Suggestion; inference.
Inadvertent (adj.)
Not on purpose; unintentional.
Incessant (adj.)
Constant; continual.
Incidental (adj.)
Extraneous; unexpected.
Inclined (adj.)
1 - Apt to; likely to.
2 - Angled.
Incoherent (adj.)
Illogical; rambling.
Incompatible (adj.)
Disagreeing; disharmonious.
Incredulous (adj.)
Unwilling to believe; skeptical.
Indifferent (adj.)
Indolent (adj.)
Lazy; inactive.
Indulgent (adj.)
Lenient; patient.
Inevitable (adj.)
Sure to happen; unavoidable.
Infamous (adj.)
Having a bad reputation; notorious.
Infer (v.)
To form an opinion; to conclude.
Initiate (1 - v, 2 - n)
1 - To begin; to admit into a group.
2 - A person who is in the process of being admitted into a group.
Innate (adj.)
Natural; inborn.
Innocuous (adj.)
Harmless; innocent.
Innovate (v.)
To introduce a change; to depart from the old.
Insipid (adj.)
Uninteresting; bland.
Instigate (v.)
To start; to provoke.
Intangible (adj.)
Incapable of being touched; immaterial.