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1. Why was the speaker Maurice Goldblatt described as "a hurricane of a man?"
He was surprising and exciting
2. What were additional factors that allowed Maurice Goldblatt to win over his audience?
personality, enthusiasm, sincerity, and earnestness
3. How do you win confidence?
deserve it
4. What does Peirpont Morgan say is the best way to obtain credit?
5. Who must we convince first before we can convince others?
convice ourselves
6. How does a speaker get "yes responses?"
find a common ground of agreement
7. How did Abraham Lincoln open and win an argument?
found a common ground of agreement
8. When Harold Macmillan addressed both houses of the Parliament of the Union of South Africa, how did he begin his talk? How does that relate to Lincoln's advice?
He began by stressing the great economic progress made by South Africa.
9. What will contagious enthusiasm do?
Its sets aside all negative and opposing ideas.
10. If you want to impress an audience, be impressed yourself. What does this mean?
your spirit shining through your eyes, radiating through your voice, and proclaiming itself through your manner
11. What does Henry Ward Beecher say you should do when the congregation falls asleep?
get a cane and poke the preacher
12. Why did the Zulu Prince win the Curtis medal at Columbia University?
his talk had the true fire of sincerity
13. Who should you show respect and attention for?
for your audience
14. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale says if you wound a person's inner sense of worth, what have you done?
lost that person forever
15. How did William Paley start off in proving his conviction of a God when an atheist challenged him?
He compared the stars to a watch.
16. How did Saint Paul liken the things people did not believe to something they already accepted?
He propounded his doctorine of salvation and resurrection, quoted a few words from one of their own greek poets.
17. What great wisdom is found in Woodrow Wilson's words at the end of the chapter?
most arguments are based mostly on miscommunication and often times you can find common ground