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1. As Dale Carnegie views the three speakers in London's Hyde Park, what was the difference that determined the different sizes among the three crowds?
They were wrapped up in their talks
2. What are the first three qualities that Carnegie considers essential in a speaker?
Vitality, aliveness & enthusiasm
3. The first thing to vitalize your talk is to choose what type of topics?
you are earnest about
4. Dale Carnegie shares a story of a salesman who gave a presentation on how hickory wood ashes could make blue grass grow. Though impossible, why did many people believe and sided with his position? What was it about the speaker that persuaded the audience?
He believed it
5. If a speaker believes a thing earnestly enough, and says it earnestly enough, he will get what?
adherents to his cause
6. Almost all speakers wonder whether the topic they have chosen will interest the audience. How can you make sure your audience will be interested?
Get enthusiastic about the subject
7. When asked about his secret of success as a writer, what did Richard Washburn Child say in his response?
I am so excited about life I can't keep still; I just have to tell people about it
8. Mr. Flynn gave a talk about Washington, D.C. that was full of dull factors and bored the audience. What happened to help him give a powerful talk two weeks later?
his car got hit and smashed
9. You cannot help but succeed if you choose the right topic for you. One area of topics is sure fire-what is it?
your convictions
10. What did Dale Carnegie tell the man to study when he said he had no convictions or interests? What happened?
told him to study pigeons and he did and was very great
11. Percy H. Whiting, author of the Five Great Rules of Selling, tells his salesmen to never stop learning because the more you know about a good product, what will happen?
the more enthusiastic you get about it
12. The second thing to do to vitalize your talk is the relive what?
the feelings you have about your topic
13. For what reason we go to plays and movies?
to hear and see emotions expressed
14. You will generate excitement and interest in your talk in proportion to the amount of what?
excitement you put in it
15. The third thing to do to vitalize your talk is to .
act in earnest
16. What are some of the things you should do as you walk before your audience to speak?
do so with an air of anticipation
17. What do Donald and Eleanor Laird call the principle that can be applied to all situations that demand mental awareness?
warming up our reactivity