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# What is meant by the idea that a "talk is a voyage with a purpose?"
it must be charted
# What does Napoleon say is necessary to succeed in a war?
calculation and thought out
# What are the three major phases of the longer talk to get action?
attention step, body & conclusion
# Carnegie starts off with his first suggestion of "getting attention immediately." The first idea he shares is to begin your talk with what?
begin with an example
# Why is a speaker who begins his talk with a story from his experience on safe ground?
there is no groping for words
# The second idea to get attention immediately is to arouse suspense. What famous book did Mr. Powell Healy describe in his opening to around suspense?
A Christmas Carol
# The third idea given to get attention immediately is to state an interesting fact. Carnegie states that this can be a shock technique. What does he mean?
use the unexpected to focus attention
# What efficient way to discover whether you have an opening that is conversational is to try it out where?
try it out across the dinner table
# Why was Frank Bettger so successful in opening up his talks?
leaped to the heart of his subject in his first sentence
# The fourth idea to get attention immediately is to ask for a show of hands. This technique gets a priceless reaction known as what?
audience participation
# The fifth idea to get attention immediately is to promise to tell the audience how they can get something they want. This type of opener is sure to get attention because it goes straight to what?
self-interests of the audience
# The last or sixth idea to get attention immediately is use an exhibit. This is perhaps the easiest way in the world to gain attention because it does what?
something for people to look at
# The second major suggestion in organizing the longer talk is to avoid getting unfavorable attention. Carnegie suggests you avoid doing something in your opening-what is it?
insulting audience or making an obnoxious statement
# Carnegie states that many people favor a popular method of opening up a talk. What is the method and why does he say he doesn't recommend it?
don't open with an apology
# Perhaps the easiest way to create merriment is to tell a story about whom and in what way?
a funny story
# The third major suggestion in organizing the longer talk is to support your main ideas, and the first idea suggested is to use statistics. How does he define statistics?
illustrations scientifically group
# In using statistics, avoid presenting them in a boring way. Clothe them in what type of language?
vivid and graphic
# The second idea given to support your main idea is to use the testimony of experts. What questions are given to test your expert testimony?
is it accurate, etc
# The third idea given to support your main idea is to use analogies. How does Webster define an analogy?
a relation of likeness between two things
# The fourth idea given to support your main idea is to use a demonstration with or without an exhibit. What simple object did the Iron Fireman firm use as a simple exhibit to get across their point in a demonstration?
# The fourth major suggestion given in organizing the longer talk deals with the closing. The first idea given is to appeal to action. George F. Johnson learned that if a talk was to go over well, what must it have?
has to have a good ending
# Most beginner speakers leave their endings committing some common errors. What are the two common errors given?
that is all I have to say on the matter, someone who doesn't know how to stop
# The first idea given to appeal to action is to summarize. What advice is given by some anonymous Irish politician?
tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them
# The second idea given to appeal to action is to ask for action. In your final words of a talk, secure action by asking for it. What are some suggestions given for doing this?
join, contribute, vote, write, telephone, buy
# What are three caution signs to obey in asking for action?
ask them to do something specific, ask them for some response, make it easy