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The ability to cause a change in or move matter.
What is Energy? (48)
5 forms including: Nuclear, Solar, Mechanical, Hydroelectric, & Plasma.
A quantity of energy transfered by a force when it is applied to a body & causes the body to move in the direction of the force.
What is Work? (284)
An object must move for _____ to be done.
A quantity that measures the rate at which work is done.
What is Power? (286)
Measured in Watts and Horsepower
A quantity that measures how much a machine multiplies force or distance.
What is Mechanical Advantage?
A ratio of the output force of a machine to the input force.
Any one of the six basic types of machines of which all other machines are composed.
What are Simple Machines?
Include the lever, screw, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and Wheel & Axle.
A machine made of one or more
simple machines.
What is a Compound Machine?
Ex. A car is made of wheels & axles, pulleys, levers, inclined plane et. al.
The stored energy resulting from the relative positions of objects in a system.
What is Potential Energy?
Ex. a car parked on a hill has untapped energy
The energy of a moving object due to its motion.
What is Kinetic Energy?
Ex. a car speeding through an intersection has great energy of motion.
The sum of the kinetic and potential energy of large-scale objects in a system.
What is Mechanical Energy?
Ex. a child cranks the car puts it in gear and takes off down the hill = energy of gravity + engine output.
A quantity, usually expressed as a percentage that measures the ration of useful work output to work input.
What is Efficiency?
No machine has ever been 100% efficient.
A simple machine consisting of a bar that is forced to pivot (rotate) around a fixed point.
What is a Lever?
Classified as First Class, Second Class, & Third Class depending on where the fulcrum is placed.
A simple machine consisting of a grooved wheel with a rope or a chain running along the groove.
What is a Pulley?
Ex. A windless used to pull up a waterbucket from a well.
A simple machine consisting of two different-sized wheels
that rotate together.
What is a Wheel and Axle?
Ex. A doorknob or wheel-handled faucet
A simple machine consisting of a sloping surface (ramp) used to raise objects.
What is an Inclined Plane?
Ex. A parking deck or car ramps for raising the car.
A modified inclined plane that turns a single downward force into 2 forces directed out to the sides.
What is a Wedge?
Functions like two inclined planes placed back to back; ex. a wood splitting wedge.
A ridgid arm of a lever that turns around a point.
What is a Fulcrum?
Determines whether it is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class lever.
The most common lever with the fulcrum in the middle of Input & Output Forces.
What is a First Class Lever?
Ex. Pliers or a hammer.
The fulcrum is on one end,with the Input Force on the other end.
What is a Second Class Lever?
Ex. Wheelbarrow or nutcracker
The fulcrum is on the end, the input force is in middle and output force on opposite end.
What is a Third Class Lever?
Ex. Your forearm.
The terminal or station at which input enters a system
What is the Input Force?
That force applied initially in a system.
The force of input multiplied by spreading work out over a larger distance
What is the Output Force?
Always larger than the input force.
Multiple pulleys put together into a single unit.
What is a Block & Tackle?
Increases potential energy and mechanical advantage of a
simple machine single pulley.