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marketing plans
comprehensive strategic frameworks for identifying and achieving an organization's marketing goals and objectives
marketing mix
elements of product, price, place, and promotion, which sports marketers manipulate to achieve marketing goals and objectives
internal factors
factors inside a sport organization that affect the sport marketing climate (players, owners, team management, staff personnel)
external factors
factors outside a sport organization that affect the sport marketing climate (media, corporate sponsors, advertisers, spectators, federal regulations, regulations of sport governing bodies)
SWOT analysis
management technique available to sport marketers to help them assess the strengths and weakness of an organization and the opportunities and threats that it faces
process of using a name, design, symbol, or any combo of them to help differentiate a product from the competition
return on investment (ROI)
objective assessment made by managers of a corporation to determine whether the amount of money paid for a sport sponsorship yielded an acceptable amount of earnings
lifestyle marketing
form of marketing in which corporations use sponsorships to affiliate with specific sports/sport events as a means of promoting their products to particular groups of consumers (target audiences) who exhibit certain lifestyles
comprehensive manner in which sport is distributed to consumers