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This French Huguenot/turned Catholic issued the Edict of Nantes in 1598.
Henry IV
broke with the Catholic Church over the issue of divorce started the Protestant Church
Henry VIII
The First Protestant Faith
Founded the Jesuits, a relitious order
Ignatius Loyola
Meeting of the Catholic Church which said that salvation comes through faith good works
Council of Trent
_____ by faith; Martin LUther's concept that faith alone is enough to bring salvation
Quthor of the 95 theses; Wanted the church to stop selling indulgences
Martin Luther
Pardon sold by the Catholic Church to reduce one's punishment for sins
Worldly, not overly or specifically religious
Protestant groups that began baptizing only adult members into their groups
In 1558 Phillip II sent this towards England because QUeen ELizabeth aligned her country with the Netherlands.
Spanish Armada
Portuguese entrepreneurs transplanted these kinds of plantations to Madeira and other islands in the Atlantic
Dias reached this cape in 1488
Cape of Good Hope
At the height of their power in the 16th century, Portugal held some fifty ports in this ocean.
Indian Ocean
In the early seventeenth centry these people had the most efficient economic system in Europe.
The Dutch
This ity was the financial center of Europe for two centuries, until the French Revolution in 1789
Which people were the only European traders allowed in Japan for two centuries aftre all other foreigners were expelled in 1641?
This monarch made France the strongest country in Europe during his long reign (1643-1715)
Louis XIV
The British surpassed the French by the end of the 18th century because of this type of power.
Matteo _____ Was one of the most prominent jesuit missionaries to China
By 1700 some 300,000 Chinese had converted to this religion
This warrior class made up about 7% of the population in Japan
By 1600 the empires of Portugal, Spain, the Mughals, and _____ were approaching the height of their powers, but all four were in decline by 1700
Rennaisance movement based on the literature and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome such as the worth of each individual
Country in which the Renaissance began