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Cyrus’ decree
1st Ret. Zerubabel
538 –
Temple Foundation
536 –
Haggai Zechariah
520 –
Temple Completed
516 –
2nd return under Ezra
458 –
3rd return under Nehemiah
444 –
1. Obadiah
2. Joel
3. Jonah
4. Amos
5. Hosea
6. Isaiah
7. Micah
8. Nahum
9. Zephaniah
10. Habakkuk
11. Jeremiah
9th Century
1. Obadiah
2. Joel
8th Century
3. Jonah
4. Amos
5. Hosea
6. Isaiah
7. Micah
7th Century
8. Nahum
9. Zephaniah
10. Habakkuk
11. Jeremiah
Exilic Prophets
12. Lamentations
13. Ezekiel
14. Daniel
6th Century
12. Lamentations
13. Ezekiel
14. Daniel
Post-exilic prophets
15. Haggai
16. Zechariah
17. Malachi
6th-5th Century
15. Haggai
16. Zechariah
17. Malachi
How many prophetic books in the English canon?
What book is not in the prophets in the Hebrew Canon?

In "Writings"
What does Nahum mean?
Comfort or compassion
Who was the book Nahum written to?
Southern Kingdom of Judah
What natural disaster is mentioned as judgement in the book of Nahum?
A Flood
Purpose of the book of Nahum?
To bring comfort to Judah
Who is the judgement against?
Why is Nineveh judged?
because of her harlotries and because of her harsh judgement of the other nations
Habbakuk means?
one who embraces
What is the purpose of Habbakuk?
to encourage the righteous and faithful of Judah
When was Habbakuk writen?
the early part of Jehoiakm’s reign
Theme of Habbakuk?
God's sovereignty
Why do the wicked prosper or why isn’t God doing anything about it?
because he is raising up the Babylonians to be his instrument for discipline
Theme of Zephaniah
The Day of the Lord
Zephaniah means?
YHWH hides
Zephaniah was a man of?
Promise and royalty
Zephaniah was from?
southern kingdom
Purpose of Zephaniah?
to call Judah to repentance by reminding them of coming judgement
Jeremiah means?
Jehovah establishes
who where his contemporaries?
Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Daniel, and Ezekiel
How long was his ministery?
Political climate when Jeremiah was written
-Started during the reign of Judah’s last good king; Josiah.
-Internally people struggled with idolatry.
-Josiah worked on the recovery of the Law
-Assyria was collapsing
-The rise of Babylon
-Egypt expanding
-Josiah died, new king appointed; three months later he dies and another kind is appointed
-Jehoiakim was a political chameleon
-Nebuchadnezzar took over Judah and started the Babylonian exile
Which chapter is the 70 year Babylonian captivity described?
29 and 25
Which chapter would you find the new covenant promised?
30 – 33
What is recorded in Jeremiah 46 – 51?
Prophecies against the nations
Jeremiah's theme?
God's Last warning to Judah
Three nations fighting?
Assyria, Egypt, Babylon
Who did God warn Judah repeatedly to not aline with? (Jer)
What did God promise to establish with his people? (Jer)
New Covenant
Who wrote Lamentations?
What unique literary characteristics do you find in Lamentations?
Acrostic and Chiasm
What book does Lamentations Parallel?
Deuteronomy, God's promise of what he will do when his people disobey
When was lamentations composed?
586 to 585
What is lamentations?
a postscript to Jeremiah’s prophecies of repentance
What caused the state of lament?
Witnessing the destruction of Jerusalem
What are the five emotional laments?
- Sad State of Jerusalem
-Sin’s of Jerusalem
-sadness of Jerusalem
-Siege of Jerusalem
-Supplication of Jerusalem
When is The Valley of Dry Bones mentioned in Ezekiel?
What is the Theme of Ezekiel:
God’s glory that departs from Jerusalem temple but God will fulfill it
What does Ezekiel mean?
God strengthens
What are the arguments against Ezekiel’s authorship?
-How could one who predict destruction also predict heartfelt future blessings
-It reflects Palestinian point of view rather than babylonian
What is the theme of Ezekiel?
God’s Glory
What does Ezekiel reveal to us at the end of the book?
Specific details about the reconstruction of the temple
What are the three significant dates in Ezekiel?
-605 Nebuchadnezzar overcame Jehoiakim
-597 rebellion Jehoiachin brought more punishment
-586 Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the city
Four arguments against Daniel authorship?
historical, the literary or linguistic, the theological, and the exegetical
What does Daniel mean?
God is Judge
Date when events took place:
Daniel was taken to Babylon in 605, Daniel rose to prominence in 603, the latest dated prophecy took place during the reign of cyrus in 536
Identify kings that are in the book of Daniel
Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, Cyrus
Theme of Daniel
God’s Future for His Covenant People & the Nations
Author of Zechariah
Author: Zechariah son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo. Priestly lineage
Theme of Zechariah:
God’s Coming
Important Date(s) in Zechariah:
written between 520 B.C. and 518 B.C.
What two sections is Zechariah split into?
I. Dated prophecies during the building of the temple (1:1-8:23)

II. Undated prophecies after the building of the temple
Important Character in Daniel in 8-12
the man by the tigris
Theme of Haggai:
God’s Temple (Spiritual Priorities) & Blessings
who was Haggai written to?
Important Date(s) in Haggai:
All four messages given in 520 B.C.
Four messages in Haggai
-Message of Conviction
-Message of Courage
-Message of Cleanliness
-Message of Consummation
Theme of Micah
God’s Burden for Israel
Who was Micah to?
what are the three major sections of Micah?
God’s Commitment to Israel
God’s Condemnation of Israel
God’s Comfort for Israel
What does micah mean?
Who is like you God
Where was micah from?
Southern Kingdom
What was Micah prophesying during?
A national crisis
What was the purpose of Micah?
To show Judah the result of God's covenant relationship with them.
What time was Haggai written in?
post exilic, the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the wall.