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the land's owner conveys title to another by deed, either in a sale transaction or by gift
the land's owner dies, having executed a valid will that makes a testamentary gift of the land
the land's owner dies intestate, with the land passing to the owner's heirs as identified by the applicable state descent and distribution statute
a deed or other instrument of conveyance that purports to convey title to the land in question.
Color of title
You can divide the universe of adverse possession claims into two basic types:
---claims of possession under color of title

---claims of possession without color of title.
This essentially operates as a statute of limitations upon the true owner's right to recover possession of the land from an adverse possessor. Once that statute of limitations expires -- in other words, once the possessor has satisfied all of the elements of the adverse possession standard -- the true owner can no longer bring a legal action to recover possession of the land (or the benefits of that possession) -- or even exercise self-help in order to recover possession of the land. Once that statute of limitations expires, the adverse possessor's possession ripens into good title, automatically, by operation of law.
adverse possession
When does an adverse possesor take control of land?
at the moment the adverse possessor has satisfied all elements necessary for adverse possession for the requisite duration, the adverse possessor acquires a title of the same quality as the true owner held at the moment that the adverse possessor first took possession of the land.